Show Original Callers Number in Caller ID when Transferring calls

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We have agents requesting the ability to see the original caller's number instead of the person's number who is transferring the call. We would love to see this feature in the next  firmware update.
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Posted 3 years ago

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Actually all of our receptionist are doing this now and it is working great. FYI :) Not saying that RC does not still need to fix the Caller ID issue but this is easy to do when transferring the call instead of have to put the caller on hold twice. :)

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My team would also love this feature. We need to warm transfer but would like to know who the caller is before speaking to person transferring the call.
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To be honest it needs to happen. I'm wondering what the timeline is or how high of a priority it is? I hope they are getting these foundations down first before getting all these fancy bells and whistles added as features. It's key to get the foundations right, and move from there. Anyone from RC seeing this? Is this in the works??
obviously not that high of a priority considering this feature request has existed for 2 years. yet still no word from ringcentral. just links to useless articles on how to do it with a blind transfer on a deskphone. 
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Frankly, I find this system for feature requests to be a disaster.  As I pointed out. there's no curation of the requests to ensure that dupes are merged; or if there is, it's poor.  And since highest-voted ideas are left on the vine for years with no customer engagement from RC, it seems it's just an echo chamber for customers (a la Apple's user forums) rather than a respected customer-development channel.
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We agree.  We're new to RC and this may have been a show stopper for us if we had known that we would not be able to see the caller id when the receptionist transfers the calls. 
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Voting for this as well. We are new to RC and we have the same issue. We need to be able to see the original caller's number when completing a warm transfer. Our old PBX System was able to do this. This is an essential feature that has been part of any PBX system for decades. This needs to be a priority. I agree with Erin above, if we would have known this was an issue prior to signing agreement, this would have been a show stopper for us as well. Please fix asap!
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled caller ID on transferred calls.

Can someone provide instructions and/or direct me to part of forum if this has been posted before on how to setup call flow so that any calls that get transferred show up as the inbound callers ID or number and NOT the users extension that is forwarding the call?

Example: Receptionist typically answers all inbound calls to our main number however when she transfers calls to appropriate internal users her extension shows up as inbound call and not the actually caller ID which makes it confusing on who it really calling the phone.
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It needs to be transferred as a Blind Transfer. Blind transfer instructions are here:

Note that depending on your model of phone, you may have softkeys which would assist you in performing a blind transfer. You then would not have to use the RingCentral Phones Function Keys: * and # Codes as listed in the Knowledge Based article I refer to above.
we get that you need to do it as a blind transfer. we want to do it as a warm transfer. 
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Correct, we want to be able to talk to the person we are transferring it to before they get the ball.  Call records/notifiers need to indicate that the call was from the original caller, not the person who transferred it.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Call Identifier for Incoming calls forwarded to the User Extension.

Call Identifier for Incoming calls forwarded to the User Extension
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Why in the heck is this just not the way it works by default? I can't tell you how many times in the 9 months that we've been on RingCentral that I've answered a call that I thought was from a co-worker only to be stuck with someone trying to sell me something. So it would be nice if instead of me having to bust chops of people doing that to me that this thing would do the smart thing and show the caller ID of the call actually coming in, not the person who transferred it... basic stuff.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Warm / Attended call transfer ID should reflect the current caller.

In our company we use 'warm transfers' / 'attended transfers' as the de facto standard for transferring all our calls. We have noticed that the call transfer caller ID is not correct when a call is transferred as it shows the last staff member involved in the call chain and not the actual original caller. 

This is clearly wrong and means you can't see who is really calling you after their call has been transferred to you.

An external example:

  • An external company, Acme Corp. call the office.
  • Bob answers the call and starts to forward it to Joe
  • Joe takes the call and on the desk phone / smartphone app Joe see's that Bob is calling - correct
  • Joe says he will talk to Acme and so Bob transfers the call
  • Joe still sees that Bob is calling him - NOT the client so Joe can't see the caller ID / phone number of the client
  • Joe transfers the call to Peter and Peter accepts the call
  • Peter sees that Joe is calling him - even though he is only talking to Acme.
An internal example:

  • James calls Bob
  • After a while James asks Bob to transfer him to Tom
  • Tom says yes he will talk to James and Bob transfers the call
  • Tom sees Bob as the caller - NOT James who is the only person speaking to him
  • James asks Tom to transfer his call Paul
  • Paul says yes he will talk to James and Tom transfers him
  • Paul sees Tom as the caller. This is completely wrong as Tom is in no way involved in the call any longer.
This happens on our desktphones (Cisco SPA514G) and on the smartphone app. I have not yet tested the desktop app.

I reported this as case #06862342 and they have advised the quickest way to resolve this, as it is 'standard' behaviour, is to raise an idea here so everyone can 'up vote' it.

Please vote for this as it is inefficient and misleading and means that when an external call is put through to another staff member they can't see the external caller's details !
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I appreciate that cold / blind transfer will show the transferred caller's ID but that is not the point. The only difference between warm and cold transfer is that you get to talk to the potential transfer recipient before transferring the call - but the call is still TRANSFERRED

The definition of a call transfer is that the original caller and a new recipient are connected directly, their lines / handsets are connected directly and therefore the new recipient should see the original caller's ID because that is the only person actually talking - not the ID of the people that where temporarily but no longer involved.

Example of issue: If a prospective client calls a member of our sales team but does not leave a number this means because the phone does not display or record the call's ID / number to that recipient (even in their portal's 'call log') we may loose business or at the very least give a very unprofessional first impression.

If the call log does need to record the transfer from another internal phone then there should be two calls to that recipient recorded; the first from the internal number transferring the call and the second the number of the external transferred call - since that is actually what happens. It may be an idea to add a tag / property to the call log to indicate the external caller's call was a transfer and not direct.

This needs to be fixed imminently.
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Exactly, and when I miss that transferred call and they leave a voicemail the email/app, etc. says I have a voicemail from my Coworker, which is completely incorrect. It blows my mind that they programmed this process this way.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled When forwarding calls, it shows my extension. It should show the number of the pe....

When forwarding calls within my company, it shows my extension number as if I'm directly calling that person. Often times the person I'm forwarding too will pick up the phone casually because they believe it's a coworker calling them. 

Is there any way to change this so it shows the number of person I am forwarding? We've been using soft forwarding for now; however, there are situations where I don't have time to explain who is calling before I transfer.
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Thanks for merging! I attempted to search for a thread on this topic before submitting but came up short. Interesting to see others take on this idea.
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You're welcome!
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This is a bigger problem than I guess RingCentral cares to acknowledge. I've had to quit answering any calls that come from one particular employee because I was burned too many times by answering the phone extremely "casually" thinking it was that co-worker. It doesn't work as it is, the flow is not correct. It needs to be addressed.
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Hmmm! We just signed up with their main competitor 8x8, and found the same issue.  And the case I submitted came back with the response; "works as designed, and we're not changing anything".  This sucks because I was going to tell them that next April, when our contract is up we were going to RingCentral because of this issue. Then I found this thread.
Apparently, cloud phone systems can't do what a 10 year old or older on premise system can...
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That's about the same response that RingCentral seems to be giving as well. We came from using an ancient 3Com/NBX IP system since 1999 so it baffles me a bit how the new technology can't handle something that seems so simple. Or it is just that stubborn developers insist the have it right, it makes total sense to them to show that my co-worker is calling or left me a voicemail when it is actually someone else entirely.
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There are multiple threads (at least 4 I have found) about this topic which should be merged.  The basic idea here is that SOME indication needs to be provided to the person receiving a warm transfer that the transfer has happened.  On other systems, this is accomplished either through a tone or by showing the recipient the caller ID of the transferred caller.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Caller ID: Warm Transferred & Parked Calls.

I noticed that incoming calls transferred to my voice mailbox have the caller id of the extension from which it was transferred rather than the original caller id.  When this happens, the return call button during playback on my softphone app rings the extension who transferred the call rather than the original caller.  
  • Has anyone else noticed this?
  • Is there a setting that I should change in order to see the caller id of the original incoming call?
  • If this the way RingCentral handles transferred incoming calls, does anyone know if there is a plan to make this work a little better?
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Show initial caller ID/Information when warm transferring calls.

 I'm posting this on the advice of our CSM and Account Manager. It has been stated many times on this forum that there is an important feature that is missing from RingCentral Desktop; the ability to see the initial caller ID/info after the completion of a warm transfer.

As you can see from the following link, it has been requested many times, going back over a four year span: >LINK<
Presently, during a warm transfer, the calling agent's caller ID is what is displayed to the receiving agent. However upon completion of the warm transfer, the calling agent's information remains.
Upon initially reaching out to customer support about this issue, we were advised to take the following steps to ensure the receiving agent gets the initial caller's ID:

  1. Place the caller on hold
  2. Call the receiving agent and relay any relevant information
  3. Hang up with the receiving agent
  4. Pick back up with the initial caller
  5. Place the caller back on hold
  6. Do a blind transfer to the receiving agent
I find it ridiculous to have to require so many steps in order to provide the caller ID to the receiving agent. These steps negate the need for the already built-in warm transfer option.
The ability to warm transfer and then have the caller ID change to the transferred caller should have been something built into the warm transfer feature from day one.

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It's a disaster.  Long-standing basic telephone features leave giant holes for years, and Customer Advocates just send their customers here to feed the echo chamber..
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Caller ID on voicemail shows Ext on a transferred call.

When I get a call transferred to me and the caller leaves a voicemail, the caller ID shows the voicemail came from the ext that transferred the but, but in fact it came from an outside call. Super annoying because i don't know who the call actually came from and i have to write down or remember the call back number. Common Ringcentral, this seems basic......
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We have basically given up on this feature ever being available on the system and the stupid way that call groups work. Just 4 months to go and we can migrate to another system that actually works as needed.
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Do some research. From what I've seen this is just the way cloud based VoIP systems are.  We're feeling the pain of ditching our on premise system for the lure of the cloud, but the savings over our traditional phone bill and support were substantial, so we can't complain too much.
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I disagree at the generalized notion that this is how cloud based VoIP works. I've seen other systems where this feature was built in by default. That being said - the savings are substantial compared to an on-site system.

However I would say there is more than enough room to complain. We're paying for a service that lacks basic functionality needed in any environment, be it call center or otherwise. Especially considering there is already a way to transfer the caller ID when doing a warm transfer from a physical phone that utilizes the RingCentral system.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Ridiculous bug/"feature" that strips original caller ID when a call is forwarded ....

I'm told by support that if an incoming call that goes to a call queue and then is answered and forwarded to another user from there, it treats the call as a new call in the call log and strips caller ID and replaces it with the main company number.

This seems like the most basic setup a decent size company could have. Someone calls in to an IVR, they push 0 to get to an operator. This sends them to a call queue of available operators to answer. They pick up and act as a receptionist and decide to forward the call to me internally. As soon as they do this, the original caller id is stripped from the call. So on my end it looks like my main company number is calling me. Even if the caller leaves a voicemail, I have no caller ID from them.

I'm told by one support rep that this is a feature. I can't believe this doesn't effect more customers. I've dealt with countless phone systems being in IT and this seems crazy to me. Does anyone have any work arounds?
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i'm not sure about it but maybe someone in support could verify, but if the calls went to a phantom extension with multiple users in it maybe then if they transfer the call it will send the caller ID through? obviously if you have a sizable company you cant just wing it like that but maybe someone can chime in on it.  
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The work around we've created is to have our receptionist answer the call, put the external caller on hold, create a new call to the internal team member she will transfer the call to and let the internal team member know who it is and what they're calling about, then go back and transfer the external call as a cold transfer rather than a warm transfer.  It displays the correct caller ID that way and the receptionist can give the team member a heads up on who is calling and what they're calling about.
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seems like a decent work around to me. putting calls into park locations may work too as long there is room on the phone for the presence of park locations, this way the receptionist could just tell the internal person (blank is on park 1) and if the other internal user has that park on their phone they could pick it up directly with no extra pickup and transfer.
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This worked for us: Create a template then in the template under call handling and forwarding select incoming Caller ID. Set incoming number displayed to me as Incoming caller ID and then under Display This Call Information on select All phones. Apply the template to users. 
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Having the Incoming Caller ID show properly on a call coming in isn't the issue involved here. The issue is showing the Original Callers Number in Caller ID when transferring calls. The problem is that when transferring, it will show the Caller ID of the person who is transferring the call, NOT the Caller ID of the original caller.
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Very clear explanation Jan !
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After I made the changes I described when i transfer a call to another extension the original callers number IS showing on the recipients RC phone. 
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Thanks Joe, I will try this out in the lab.  The ## thing seems like it could be improved upon
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Have outbound call display instead of extension number when being transferred to ....

Hello World,

I was wondering if i could get some help on an issue, not so much, when receiving calls and transferring them to another extension.

For example, a user receives and outbound call and the user picks up that call. The user then proceeds to transfer the call to requested extension. On requested extensions phone it will show the extension number of the person who originally picked up the call. My request is , is it possible to display the phone number of the outbound caller instead of the extension number from the user who originally answered the call when transferred?

I hope this isnt too confusing. Thank you so much in advance.
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We are new to Ring Central and disappointed this was not working as standard.  It would be great to see the original number on a warm transfer and not the number, which has transferred the call.  

I hope this will be available in the next update.
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If I was aware that this was not available with Ring Central then our company likely would have looked elsewhere before switching service. This has caused much confusion and awkward beginnings to calls since we moved our service a few months ago. This is a very basic feature present in most phone systems I have been on in the past, and would strongly recommend it be implemented. It's not encouraging that it has been a glaring issue for years with no progress.


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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled transfer of original caller id.

  1. Account type: US 
  2. A brief description of the business: 
  3. A high level description of the product or feature being requested: When transferring call from manually provisioned device the original caller id should show up 
  4. A typical use case scenario explaining how your business would use the feature: Transferring call to another department
  5. Benefit of such feature: Receiving party will not assume that it is a personal call only 
  6. Include any related case number if applicable
  7. Number of Users and/or Digital Lines: 64

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This seems like a bug presented as a feature, why on earth would anyone care who transferred the call?  By default it should maintain the inbound caller id and going through hoops to transfer with the receptionists caller id.  Now my solution for this unaddressed bug, ongoing for years I might add, is to always transfer calls with a worthless protocol, I really hope the 3 or so brands of phones maintain the same konami 30 lives code so i don't have to track them all down.  What about the soft phone users?
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This is very frustrating for my users. I vote for this as well!
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Has anyone found an alternative service that gets this right?