Show Original Callers Number in Caller ID when Transferring calls

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We have agents requesting the ability to see the original caller's number instead of the person's number who is transferring the call. We would love to see this feature in the next  firmware update.
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Posted 4 years ago

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I vote for this to be implemented soon please
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Gareth Williams

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Is there any update on this as this post was created 2 years ago and still hasn't been implemented.

It's quite frustrating to use the workaround where someone does a warm transfer then after speaking to the person in the correct department, then having to go back to customer to then blind transfer to the person you just spoke to.
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Hi Gareth,

I just followed up with the Product Team on this subject. At this time it's not on the roadmap. However, they're going to take a deep dive into the engineering side and see if it can be prioritized for a future release. I'll keep an eye out for if this request makes it to the roadmap this year :) Fingers crossed, because I totally understand how frustrating it is!
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Hi Saadet,

I didn't see this reply until today, I appreciate you getting back to me on this matter. Yes please keep us posted as this is definitely a priority for my company, also for other companies as well. This post has had a lot of replies in the last 3 years of people expressing their concerns & frustrations.


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After launching RC a couple weeks ago, we immediately noticed this flaw and it is significantly affecting our business NEGATIVELY.

This item has over 200 votes. How many votes are typically needed to fix an issue like this?

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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Show Clients Caller ID when a transfer is made instead of RingCentral Caller ID.

Show Clients Caller ID when a transfer is made instead of RingCentral Caller ID
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We moved to Ring Central last week and immediately noticed this same issue. When doing a soft transfer of a call we need to know when the transfer has been completed. Currently, our receptionist will do a soft transfer to me, announce the caller when I answer, but I don't know when the transfer has actually taken place. The receptionist's phone ext. continues to appear on my phone display after she has transferred the call so I think she is still on the line.  We need an audible signal or the number of the outside caller to appear on our display screen so that we know when the call has been transferred.

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When forwarding calls or sending calls to someone else's VM, the call should show the original caller's ID instead of the caller ID of the person who forwarded the call. We have noticed that RingCentral does not conserve the original caller's ID. This seems to be the case when transferring a call within RingCentral Office or from inContact (Contact Center) to RingCentral Office.

I'm amazed that this is an issue. It's one of those basic functionalities that should "just work." Please fix this.
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This is a huge problem. When a call is transferred is shows me my coworker's info and as a result I answer as if I'm talking to the coworker and not the customer they transferred. Oops on me, but I've been working with phone systems for over 20 years and I've never had a system that didn't keep the caller ID information with the call as it was transferred. My voice mail and call log only show the person that transferred, not the original call info.
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Vote for this as well. Quite an important "feature" to have. 
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we need this feature too!!
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled I'd like to see the Caller ID + the Caller Name in my email or app when looking a....

When I receive a call from someone in the US on my RingCentral number, it would be EXTREMELY helpful to be able to see the Caller ID, in addition to the Caller's Name in the email or app message!!!! Quite often when the caller leaves a voice message, it's difficult to understand the caller and their name.This would be SOOOO helpful when you're calling someone back, and I know it can be done since I did have a prior service which provided this information.. 
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With two years of history in multiple threads/discussions and hundreds of points of input, one can only assume that either a) this is technically very hard (I struggle to believe that) or RC is not connected/concerned about the satisfaction of the users it its Installed Base.  

One answer says they can't.  The other says they don't care.   Sad in either case.  Perhaps this needs to move up to an executive level?

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RingCentral's competitors have this feature and have for years. There is no reason that this should not be implemented already. We just went live in the last month, I unfortunately assumed this would not be an issue but it is now a serious problem. 
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Joe Gramc

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Since you are able to accomplish this functionality via a long press of the transfer button, shouldn't it be relatively easy for RingCentral to program this functionality as the default for the transfer button? 

It is absolutely illogical that by default you can't see the number of the incoming caller when they are transferred. This should be absolutely standard.
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I have a question and issue with Blind Transfer and plain Transfer.
When receptionist transfer a  caller ID and use Transfer, She has time to explain to user that "MR. or MRS so and so is on call, I am going to transfer", that way the user can see the caller ID and listen to receptionists.
however, with Blind Transfer, the receptionist has no chance to talk or explain to user, who is on line, before she hits the Blind transfer.
Therefore, Advantage of Blind transfer is that it will show the caller ID.
Advantage of "Transfer" is you can talk to third person before you transfer.

Disadvantage of Blind transfer is, you won't have a way to speak to user before transfer,
Disadvantage of "Transfer" is the third person won't be able to see the "Caller ID".
how can we fix this issue.
We want to transfer but at the same time to be able to talk and then transfer but  "with Caller ID".

With out old cheap system we used to be able to do it all.

my name:
Eric Vartanian
Email address:
phone: 626-363-2119
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Andrew Drescher

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We use RingCentral Phone in Windows, and this basic functionality is also missing.

All our transfers are warm, but we need to see the original caller ID when the call is connected, and more importantly in our call history.

Please add this to RingCentral Phone, sooner would be appreciated!

Andrew Drescher.

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I am floored that this issue still exists. IT's awful. There's no reason I can imagine why an organization needs to see the caller ID of the person transferring the call beyond the initial introduction. In our environment, our logs are parsed for billables and the time shows that an attorney spoke to the receptionist for 2 hours, which is FALSE. The attorney did not speak to the receptionist for 2 hours. He/She spoke to a client for 2 hours and to the receptionist for under 1 minute. The audit trail and logs and now, therefore, INACCURATE and misleading. How can this be tolerated? Additionally, when an attorney looks at his/her call history, he/she can't determine who they spoke to and have to go hunt down other methods of determining who was spoken to. This is problematic because it's inefficient, doesn't serve a business purpose, and is misleading due to the audit trail being wrong. How can this still be an issue??
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Wayne Buhler

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So this still has not been fixed? We have tried both warm transfers, blind transfers, backwards transfers, any transfers and we never see the originating number always the phone number that is making the transfer. 
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Warm Transfer with ID.

With most phone systems after a warm transfer the employee taking the final call will see the clients ID. 

Example: Receptionist takes call, warm transfers to salesman to ask if they can take a call, when the call is then finally transferred the clients number/id is shown on the salesman's app or phone.

Currently when doing a warm transfer only the receptionists id is shown.  This is pretty basic functionality for a phone system and a real disappointment that ring central doesn't have this functionality.

I am hoping that there is some kind of workaround for this already?
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled New features.

Feature that will distinquish calls that are transferred from another extention to call received via main numbers and dialing extention. Also a feature to show a caller ID without removing when call is transferred so user can see the caller ID number for incoming calls.
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It's insane that this hasn't been fixed. This is a basic functionality of PBX systems. If I had known this issue existed, I would have chosen a different phone provider. As it is, I will be looking to replace RingCentral when our contract runs up unless this is implemented.

Not happy!
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I don't understand why this does not work. If john smith calls in from his cellphone and our receptionist answers and transfers it to one of our agents why does it not show Johns Smiths phone number. 
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Four years, and nothing but Glip, Glip and more Glip with less functionality. 

I guess they think a team messaging system would be the solution for all basic features.... "Hey, instead of warm transfer, you can use Glip to type the number and send it to the user after you warm transfer the call".    Yeah.... right... there you go.