SMS: ability to SMS from the RingCentral website or email

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As we start to make incredible use of your SMS service, we find it would be helpful if we could reply via one of the services mentioned above...Not all of our agents are so savvy as to have and be able to operate a smartphone, and we hope this is a feature we can incorporate!


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Posted 7 years ago

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Hey Alex! :)

Love the idea to integrate Business SMS to those platforms.

I have submitted this idea to our Product Team.

If anyone would like to see this implemented, please +1 this post!


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That is fantastic. Thanks Gordon!
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I'd like to receive text messages via email and/or have text messages auto-forward to a different number. I am missing too many of these and the only way to see them outside the app is to have a RC app integrated with outlook. But this way, I can't see them outside the office.
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This post says it was edited a month ago, but I don't see any activity. Of course, we now have sms in the desktop app, but the reason I voted for this feature is because we need the ability for an administrative assistant to log into RC and view/manage/receive/send to/from any user's sms account to which they are granted access. Currently, if a user wishes to have an assistant manage their SMS for them, they must share their password with them so that they can log into their account and then one can't be logged into multiple accounts concurrently, so they would need to log out/in, switching between all sms accounts they wish to manage, including their own.

In addition, the ability to have a shared sms account would be great, so that multiple users could be logged into the "main line" to monitor sms and any user could respond with a tag of their name in the message so that other users and the recipient could tell who they are texting with.
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Jim Rosebrook

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Being able to have a shared sms account would be a great feature.. and bring able to route the Main Business number to this shared sms account would be how I'd like to use it: Voice calls to the Main Number go to Auto Attendant, Texts to Main Number go to this shared SMS account. Perfect!
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It's a great idea!!! +1.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled
Send text messages from the softphone or web account.

We would like to be able to send text messages from the desktop/web browser like we can currently do with Google voice.

How can we do this?
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This would be extremely useful!
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This would be very useful for us.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled
When will we be able to send and receive SMS text messages from the Softphone?.

When will we be able to start sending texts from our PC's instead of smartphones? Frankly in my business I sit at the computer most of the day so using only a cell phone to send/receive texts is a pretty useless feature for me.
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I just found out that SMS messages don't show up on the web site or softphone. Absolutely, they should! The whole point should be a unified presentation of all communications involving the RC phone number. Would like to see that feature added!
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I have text come to my email and it would be great to be able to reply from that email instead of reading the message in outlook and then going to the smart phone to reply.

Steve, you can send from outlook but you need to know the carrier and the problem is the reply will not come back to Outlook. That's probably why no one uses this
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+1 - I echo the comments above - being able to send an SMS from the Softphone would be extremely useful.

Look forward to seeing this feature!
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I used to SMS so much through Google Voice on my computer. Now that I am at RingCentral, it is disappointing that they don't have this function. It would help make this more convenient, as well as have a record of conversations on the computer instead of having to check my phone all the time.

Please consider this as an option. It would really help. I would hate to see Google Voice one-up you on this.
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Sending SMS via http post and receiving via email would solve so many problems for us.
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Angie Colvin

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I would absolutely love an sms feature! I already use a feature that I pay for separately with another company.
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I use SendHub solely for replying to SMS from the web! I would love to have this feature from RingCentral.

Not too mention send a group text to 5 customers at a time!
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I desperatley need the feature of being able to respond via computer. I just had to stop using my google voice account and miss it so badly. PLEASE bring this ASAP and make sure it's for the MAC OS not just PC
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I desperately need this feature as well. I have asked for this since they started the mobile SMS. This should be easily be implemented, since, ring central is currently able to send us notification through text.
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This would make RingCentral the ultimate phone system!
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Perez & Perez

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Yes! Please add this.
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We need this, too! Also, when using the RingCentral app on my android phone, I try to send an SMS message from the app. But instead of success, I receive a message that says, "Cannot Send Message. You do not have a "direct number" that supports SMS text messages. Please contact your Administrator to add a number that supports SMS." I am the administrator. What do I do?
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Dan P

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Yes! This would be a very useful feature, especially if there was the ability to set-up autoreply SMS messages (like Out-of-Office replies in Outlook).
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Thanks for the enthusiasm, all. We are making some major enhancements to the softphone in the near future and do plan on adding SMS support. User danbgv - to be able to send SMS messages, your extension will need to have a direct number (aka DigitalLine) linked to it. If you're on Office, this should cost you about $5 per month per DL.
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Ben, I love you.
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Sounds good Ben - a feature that will be well used I expect. Couple of questions - What is a digital line? I thought Ring Central numbers were digital. Do the Android and iphone platforms require this addition?