Softphone needs to work with bluetooth

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I use a android phone and a windows computer. I ordered a blue-parrot S450-XT headset for its ability to cancel out background noise very good as our work space is quite noisy at times. The bluetooth works very good with my regular phone apps like whatsapp or google voice. RC phone app does not connect to the headset when calls come in it just picks them up with the regular phone mic and speaker even though the headset is connected. Then when making a call from desktop app using the bluetooth there is static and choppy. 
The apps should be able to use any bluetooth device in my option. 
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Posted 12 months ago

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2287 USA based users, 28 different sites,  3800 DID lines - all Polycom VVX500 phones

2018-10-30 This is a known issue and RingCentral is aware of, and working on it, as it effects many Enterprise level users.  We are monitoring this in these Forum threads
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I am having the same issue.  Contacted support and could not provide any further information.  It is absolutely unacceptable that yet another basic feature is not supported by RingCentral.  How can I have my office staff use this application with confidence when we cannot reliably connect any bluetooth device to your application?  It is a month since this first post and nothing new.

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You might find other issues with Bluetooth on the long term. Bluetooth device quality varies a lot and because of weird implementation, you can run into all sorts of issues especially moving between Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone which all use different Bluetooth drivers.

I would suggest a DECT headset for most people, instead of bluetooth. They are expensive but the price is almost the same as a high-end wired headset.

Option 2. You can try a dedicated Bluetooth USB dongle to potentially sidestep pairing and driver issues.
( This should allow you to move your headset to another computer without pairing it again.

A third option is to use an inexpensive set of Bluetooth stereo earbuds for sound only, while using a separate wired microphone, perhaps a wired headset resting on one's shoulders. This might sound silly at first but is a solution worth looking into because of the price and relatively good performance. You'd be half tethered, able to walk away while still hearing a conference call, but of course unable to speak without being attached. This case, you'd disable the Bluetooth microphone function while keeping the Bluetooth stereo audio function active. This works especially well on the Mac which has a competent internal microphone which can be used as a backup.

In summary, I don't think that the bluetooth issues are strictly an RC problem. It's an industry-wide problem where the performance varies a lot from device to device. Windows is especially bad at managing Bluetooth.

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I also use google voice which is the free VOIP that google. I use it on PC and android phone with the same bluetooth, and it works fine no lag no issues. I also use skype and with the same bluetooth and again no issues. I do not know what it special about RC that is making this happen.

The funny thing is recently the Glip app I am able to use the bluetooth on my android phone. The glip app is still very limited so I can not monitor calls or park calls in park locations, etc.; however, I am now able to answer the phone and it will connect to the bluetooth. Still can not answer the call from the bluetooth button but I am able to communicate through the bluetooth once answered.
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Bluetooth headsets seem to work fine with the mobile app but not when paired to a windows PC. The same headsets works fine with teams, Skype and zoom meetings. The ring central desktop phone app is the only one that has issues where audio cuts in and out in a choppy fashion.