Super Admin should be able to access ALL vm's and Faxes from THEIR Login

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1) USA account
2) Real estate
3)  A super admin should be able to access all voicemails, faxes, attachments, etc with their login credentials -- NOT have to login as a specific extension to access.
4) Client states they sent a fax to one of our team members, who is out today. I should be able to login in as admin, find that fax using advanced search feature and then ACCESS that fax from my login. Your customer service tells me the only way to do that is to long into that team members account to access the fax. That's ridiculous!
5) Aren't they obvious?
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Posted 4 years ago

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Agreed! What happens when someone quits or gets fired. You can go into the system and reset everything but that is a tedious process.
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This morning, I had to log into 4 different extensions to find a voicemail that went to our single voicemail extension.  I could see it from my account but couldn't access it.  Waste of time.
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I agree, managing a company with high turn over in certain departments and having to reset former employees passcodes to log in and retrieve their faxes/VM is tedious task. 
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Please VOTE in the upper right corner to request this feature. 
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Admin needs to have access to users password in order to retrieve messages. The admin password should be able to grant access to the messages to make sure they have been listened to and accounted for. This would help to make sure that an admin could validate the messages and tell the user which ones are important to get back to. Additionally, callbacks could be made by a different user capitalizing on incoming leads.
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06-07-2017 Perhaps that could be added as some sort of SuperAdmin option checkbox - but if it were ON by default - that would never fly in an Education environment.  Even Google does not give that level of access to their SuperAdmins.  Example: In Google's Admin Console  - our SuperAdmin team can always have the option to "reset" someone's password without knowing the current one, and this preserves privacy for the user. In our organization each person with Voicemail is responsible to always take care of their own messages,  Admins and SuperAdmins do not access others' VM messages "for them" to sort or prioritize or for any reason.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled I would like to have access to user's messages as Admin in order to retrieve faxe....

Admin access to all user messages
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I like the concept, but I think it would have to be some type of delegation option approved and controlled by the end user.   Too many privacy and/or security concerns otherwise.  There are options already existing to do things like forwarding copies of faxes and voicemail to group email emails that should satisfy most use cases, I would think.

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