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When an org depends on Glip conversations to handle all sorts of matters throughout the day, it's easy to loose a thread in the current schema.  

Add support for threaded conversations, please.  This will be understandably difficult given the variety of platforms you're supporting.  I'm not sure what it will even look like.  Perhaps you could simply have two places in each conversation to write: replying to a prior comment or starting a new comment.  Whenever someone replies to an older comment, that whole thread becomes the latest message, maybe simply appearing as two comments, first and last, connected by ellipses.  Click on this and you actually open a sub-version of the current room.  So if you started in the "Marketing" room and click on the sub-thread, you enter a new room called "Marketing - Don Knotts 3/4/18 3:34" unless Don renames his thread.

Good luck with this one and its design.  Really hopeful you'll do something for threaded conversation support in 2018.
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Richard Case

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Posted 1 year ago

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Daniel Dolinov

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Seconding this request.  My company is just starting to use Glip, and I can see how a Team chat can get really confused.  Having the ability to have conversation threads will make the tracking of what is being said and in connection with what, much easier.
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Lorelei Matteson

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Yes. SLACK has this option. It works like this: within the team there is a message; each individual message has an option to create a thread. this creates a sub-message in the same place but eliminates others in the team, if they do not need all the notifications but also have the option to be involved in that side conversation. So what I did in Slack was start a message by naming it the topic of what the sub-message needed to be, to be found easier in the future, and anyone wanting to follow they can. SLACK has the market on the messaging thing, I miss some of the features for sure!! THREADS!!!
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Andy Baumruk

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it's why we are sticking with Slack even though we've moved over to RC for our communications.  Kind of frustrating as the having everything in one place was why we chose RC vs another VOIP provider.   The RingCentral app is just not ready for prime time IMO
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Noelle Rivers

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We now regret switching from Slack because Glip does not have this feature.  We miss a lot because the chat gets so cluttered.  Considering switching back.
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Michael Seymour

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There are lots of examples of threaded discussion functionality on the internet.  Even this feedback forum has threaded discussions!  (we can comment on a post and the comments are shown with a grey background and each discussion topic is separated by a line).  Please include threaded discussions in your Chat product urgently!!!
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Leisa Lance

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Quote and @ mentioning is not a sufficient workaround.  We have a lot of developers in our team who live and breathe Slack and will not change readily without this feature.

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Luciano Deriu

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I agree with the others. This feature/behaviour in Slack is crucial for a multi-skilled/agile team because there are technical conversations happening between developers that non-techies don't want to be involved in, but often technical discussions require product involvement at somepoint to help understand requirements, etc. It's never perfect but it works very well in Slack and keeps the main channel cleaner than it is possible in Glip.
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Yep, totally agree with the sentiments above.  
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This  should be a feature in Glip.  Without this team view gets very clutter.  
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Chris Rosa

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Working on a new deployment, and adoption is going to be tough without this feature. Please add asap. Thanks.
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Noelle Rivers

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Please, please, please add threaded replies!  We are missing so much and engagement is WAY down as a result.
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Aaron Murgatroyd

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My company just started to use Glip, and we miss the threaded conversations of Teams, please add this as soon as possible :)
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Angela Chilcott

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I would say I second this... But it appears as though I thirteenth+ this. Please add this functionality to Glip. 
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Barry Elk, Champion

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As an agency, we often have to work in client's environments (you know like the other big chat provider...) and I have to say code snippets (now implemented - YAY!) and threading are the two things that still set that product apart.  Otherwise, we prefer Glip/RC in all other aspects and are happy with it as our internal productivity platform!
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Paul Pecullan

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Threaded conversations In Glip are desperately needed.
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Keith Lazarus

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Saadet & company - any word on this feature request?  Are the rumors that it is in development true?  Any estimates on when we might be able to see something released?

Imagine if this forum didn't provide it's limited form of hierarchy - what a mess it would be trying to following a conversation.  That's exactly what us Glip users have to deal with on a daily basis. 
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Saadet - Community Moderator, Official Rep

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Hey Keith, I haven't heard of Threaded Conversations coming this year. I've heard the idea being thrown around but nothing official at this time. If that changes, I'll let you all know here :)
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Keith Lazarus

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Thanks, Saadet - both for your reply and for the effort you and your colleagues make in keeping us informed.  I really wish that the Product Management was a bit more pro-active in sharing their vision for the tool. 
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Threaded conversations are needed in Glip.  like many people in this thread, moving to Glip would be possible with this feature.  Without threaded conversation thought, so much is lost in the shuffle.