Desktop App: Error "another softphone running on your computer"

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If a user (Windows account) is signed in and is running softphone, no other user/Windows account can run softphone. For example, John signs in after boot and runs softphone. John goes home for the day without closing softphone and without logging out of Windows. Jane comes in later and logs in to the same workstation. When she tries to run softphone, she receives the following error message: "There is another Softphone running on this computer (by another user). Please close it and try again." Jane doesn't have the credentials to log into John's account, so the has to reboot the computer, risking losing any of John's unsaved work. When John comes in the next day, he runs into the same problem and the two are constantly stepping on each other's work.

Is there a method that will allow multiple users run separate instances of softphone simultaneously from their respective Windows accounts?

Ringcentral for Windows on Windows 8.1 Enterprise
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Posted 4 years ago

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I can't recall the last time I ran software with this limitation. Is this unique to "RingCentral for Windows" or would I be similarly disappointed with the legacy SoftPhone?
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Kim, Alum

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Usually that error message occurs when the old Legacy softphone is still installed.  Please have the user uninstall it.  The old legacy that needs to be removed will be listed as "Softphone", the new ones to keep will be listed as "RingCentral for Windows". 
Have that problem and have only installed version 7.4. Running Windows 7 Pro as a server with remote login 4 accounts. But only one person can sign in at a time?
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Kim, Alum

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Maria,  Yes you are correct...only 1 user can login to the Desktop App (DL) at a time. If multiple people try to login to the same DL then some issues will occur. 
Everyone has a separate login (ext) so they are as I understood it logging in separately? Under different remote desktops?

So anyone just running it once on the remote server will prevent anyone else from using it?
Thank you
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J.B. Ferguson, Champion

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I think where you are getting confused is where Kim is referring to "DL", meaning Digital Line. You are talking about separate extensions. A RingCentral client could possibly have 1,000 extensions but only one digital line. Therefore, only one user can log into the Desktop app with the digital line login.

If you have four digital lines, then four users could log into the Desktop app (each one with a separate digital line) at the same time.

How many digital lines (i.e., separate phone lines [not toll-free numbers]) do you have? You mentioned four accounts...are you referring to four extensions or four digital lines?
We are not using any DL's on the server/remote desktops everything is done through the internet. We use the fax function mainly on the remote desktop. The internet connection is FIOS? If we use the phone function that is on each work station and each of those have their own phone line. But most of the work we do daily is on the local server using remote desktop.

So is it just a setting that we are missing? Or is it also limited to one internet connection?

Thank You.
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Kim, Alum

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Maria- did you uninstall the old legacy softphone off the PC's? 
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Kim, Alum

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  1. Please uninstall the old version off of your computer as it may cause some issues.  (The Legacy will be Labeled: "RingCentral: Softphone" or just "softphone").  
  2. Logout & Close the new one ... also close it from running in the background.
  4. Deauthorize the PC (see image at the bottom)
  5. Go to Computer Local Disk (C:) > Users > pick user > If you don't see "App Data" at the top above Contacts just click on the bar above and enter in /appdata (then hit enter) > Local RingCentral > right click on the Softphone and Delete
  6. Re-launch new desktop app and login with Digital Line (not main number + extension). 

Deauthorize the PC
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Lois Cowan

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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled cannot open ringcentral. It says another softphone is running on my computer.
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Vince Savoldi, Champion

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I think you missed the other persons point... but I will start another thread if needed or please move it as needed.

I am getting the same error message but for a slightly different reason.

The OP has one machine being shared by 2 people who Log-in and forget to Log-out when they leave. Since the 1st person is still logged into the machine when the 2nd person logges in, Ring Central throws this error. Current version or old version as far as I can tell.

I on the other hand am getting this error message on a Remote Desktop environment.

We are using Windows Remote Desktop virtual services to feed virtual desktops to multiple users.

I log into one of the remote VM's using my domain credentials.
My desktop opens. I launch Ring Central and receive this message.

I believe the issue is that this same piece of hardware Windows Server 2010R2 may have 20 virtual desktops running with everyone trying to use the ring central application.

So the real question for the OP and myself...

Can ring central application be used in a shared environment (single machine with multiple users)
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Mike, Official Rep

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No Vince,  It can't be shared in the scenario you described. It's designed to be run by a single user, single machine and not on any VM environments.
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Vince Savoldi, Champion

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Thank you for the confirmation. Are there any plans for this in the future?
perhaps use the machine name instead of the IP as the validator along with the name/PW.

But then personally I don't understand why they have the single machine requirement, instead of a simple One logon per user, if the user logs in somewhere else, the first connection gets disconnected (if not in active call) if in an active call the 2nd logon attempt fails.

To my simple mind, this seems pretty simple and easy and would solve a of of usability issues..
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Mike, Official Rep

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There are not plans that I know of. However, you are welcome to submit this as a new post/new feature request.
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Randy Dominick

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I too just tried to set up a soft phone on a 2012 r2 terminal server.  Can open one instance of the application only.
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Sherri Homrock

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Mike, so to clarify the RingCentral for Windows app is not made to run in a Terminal Server environment for multiple user profiles?

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Saadet, Employee

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The desktop app can be authorized on two separate computers (with the same credentials), but isn't meant to be logged into at the same time with those same credentials. For instance, I am able to login into my desktop app on my work or personal computer at separate times. But if I wanted to log into my desktop app on a third computer, I would have to deauthorize one of the computers before doing so via the webportal. Furthermore, the desktop app was not meant to be used in a "virtual machine" environment. Does that answer your question?
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Craig Lohman

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This is disappointing.  Please add our company to the list of those requesting the ability to utilize RingCentral for Windows App within a Terminal Server environment.  We have a few of our users that utilize terminal server to log into their individual desktop.  It is expected that these users should have the same functionality through RingCentral that other users have.  
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Kevin Kirkfield

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RC needs to catch up to the times. All of our clients work in virtual RDS environments. Surely they have some sharp Developers that can write the RC app to be multil user friendly.
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Cecile Glassy, Champion

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@Kevin Kirkfield - I would not make the assumption that it is a programming deficit, it is an Intellectual Property topic - RingCentral has the right to limit user accounts to one licensed copy per user for their software. Some users complain about it, true, but to be fair - they developed the code and how they do or do not share use of it - is RingCentral's choice. 

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