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Hello I have customers texting my toll free number. Which do not get passed on...  I would like to request that it would be nice if toll free numbers were able to receive SMS that can be forwarded to an extension or whichever user you choose to handle them.  Thanks.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Text From 800# Functionality.

I would like to text to clients and have the 800# show up on the caller ID. As far as I can determine, I can only have one of the local numbers show up. I'm surprised this has not been commented on or requested yet, but what is the possibility that we will see this functionality soon? (i.e. that a client can receive a fax from me and have it show up as the 800# I use as my primary customer facing contact, like we do for voice and fax.) I'm a one-man shop and don't care whether I would have to use a specific extension to accomplish this.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Toll free number to SMS/email invite template.

FR: When using toll free number to direct to conference number (to avoid long distance charges for your customers), be able to add this toll free number to SMS/email invite template
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Toll-free to be capable of receiving text messages.

Right now, only local numbers can receive text messages. Hopefully one of these days, such messages could also be received via toll-free numbers.
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Rob Frenette

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I'd also like to be able to use this feature
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Texting from our RingCentral Toll-Free number is a crucial business-to-customer tool that needs to be implemented ASAP! There's a third-party business texting service that is already doing this called ZipWhip. They can allow ANY NUMBER landline, VOIP, and even our toll-free vanity numbers to do this with similar functionality as the RC app and with extra features but costs quite a bit more than I'd like to spend! Why is it they are able to do this yet RingCentral cannot?  PLEASE ADD TEXTING FROM TOLL-FREE NUMBERS ASAP!!!!
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Mark Taylor

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Yes. It seems to be a reasonable request. I need to be able to text out from my toll free number and my clients need to be able to text in using the same toll free number. Additional functionality regarding extensions ultimately would be needed but are not necessary for me right now. Just like if I had another phone. Thanks for the tip on ZipWhip. I may have to switch.
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Howard Scott

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We also need to have this feature of texting TO our toll free number. Please advise once it has been implemented.
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Continue to VOTE in the upper right corner for any feature request that you would like to see added! 
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Texting, SMS, MMS, group functionality with toll-free numbers and extensions.

Account: U.-S. Ring Central
Network: Walmart StraightTalk, GSM
Business: Contracting
Request: Texting, SMS, MMS, group functionality with toll-free numbers and extensions
  1. I want to send and receive texts or media via my toll-free number.
  2. I want to send texts or media to multiple clients using the existing Google Contacts labels.
  3. I do not need this, but I'm sure there are those that will need this to work with extensions.
Scenario: A client wants to text me a picture of a plant they like from a friend's yard. I respond.
Benefit: Simplicity. I don't need to use two phone numbers for clients.
Users: Only me.
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  1. Account type: Office Ultimate 2 - 19 line
  2. A brief description of the business: not discussed
  3. A high level description of the product or feature being requested: customer wants to use toll free number to both send and receive sms
  4. A typical use case scenario explaining how your business would use the feature: customer would have the main number (toll-free) as the sms caller id number, and people can send an sms to it, and he should receive the sms. 
  5. Benefit of such feature: ease of use. easier for clients to reach out and contact them multiple ways with just one number. 
  6. Include any related case number if applicable: 06918375
  7. Number of Users and/or Digital Lines: 20 users / 8 digital lines
We were using Grasshopper for our phone system but needed some of the advanced features of Ring Central, so we ported our 888 number assuming that the texting would work the same. It was a huge disappointment when we found out that we could no longer text our customers using our toll free number. This capability is available on Grasshopper. All of our customer support literature tells our customers to text us on our Toll free number. Now we either change all of the literature or change back to GH.

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Ted D Mielke

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How was this not discussed by sales or tech support! I finally brought out Grasshopper number over jus to lose this feature!!! This is a bare necessity in this age!  We are in multiple cities.  Hell we had better service by forwarding our toll-free number to RC and using Grasshopper for text!
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That looks cool, but I cannot help but think it is a guerilla-marketing tactic. If you need help with your marketing so you do not come off as a spammer, let's chat.


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Nick Anderson

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We found a work-around for this as well.  had to use a third-party company in Chicago to get it.  Unacceptable that Ring Central has not solved this yet.
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Mark Taylor

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Yeah, I'm no spammer. I'm a contractor who started the search for this obvious need years ago. I posted other messages on this board. I have one from a year ago. My search was renewed when someone mentioned Grasshopper. I am experimenting with Grasshopper now. I can indeed receive and send text messages via toll free. However, I can only receive a photo but I am not able to send one. Annoyingly, Grasshopper will let you go through the process of trying. For example, from Google photos on my phone I choose to share, then from the list I choose Grasshopper (RingCentral, at least respectfully, is not on that list and doesn't lead me on), then I finish the text with a message and send. Nothing happens, though. Why even let me try. All I can say at this point is that we are nearly 20 years into this century and we still can't do the obvious.