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So we are just onboarding with RC. We evaluated many systems. While none were "perfect", RC came the closest. Here are 3 things I wish RC had:

1. Line tagging - currently, if you want to see what number an outside caller dialed to reach your company, you must choose CALLED LINE to display, at which time you lose the ability to see their CALLER ID unless you view the logs. Some other VOIP systems allow you to enter a short "tag" for each outside line (SALES, SUPPORT, 4400, 4401, etc). That tag will then be prepended to the CALLER ID when it arrives at your phone. So you might see "SALES:201-555-1000" appear on your phone when someone at 201-555-1000 dials the line tagged with "SALES".

2. Outbound CALLER ID NAME settings PER LINE - currently, while each phone number in your system has it's own "caller id", there is only ONE CallerID NAME per account. So if your company name is "ACME WIDGETS", that name appears on all calls made from your account, regardless of which line is used to make the call. Other systems allow either each LINE to have a unique CALLER ID NAME, or sometimes even each EXTENSION to be unique

3. Softphone authorization/deauthorization - apparently, only one instance of the softphone can be installed per extension. If you want to use the softphone on your work computer, then when you leave work, you want to use it on your home PC, you must login to RC and deauthorize your work computer, then authorize your home PC. Then reverse the process the next day. I understand that the ability of the Softphone to use your LOGIN NAME to track this, instead of your computer name, is already in as a feature request.

I know there are some weird workarounds for #1 and #2 above, but they shouldn't really require workarounds. My 20 year old Norstar key system does #1 and #2 without any workarounds.

Would love to hear everyone elses top-3 wishes for RC....
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Option 1 would be usefull we have 25 virtual regional sales offices and if we could add a tag to each one so we know which office the caller has come through
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Expanded Caller Information NEEDED on DESK PHONE.

The latest version of the softphone (RingCentral For Windows) allows user to see what phone number or extension was called when receiving an incoming call. This is extremely helpful and I was wondering if RingCentral plans to roll this out to desk phones.

This is a feature that most of your competitors offer and you are lacking at the moment. Additionally, it helps users that are members of different queues better decide what calls to answer and when to answer them.

I hope this is made available on desk phone soon as it will improve Ringcentral a lot and help us mitigate some internal issues.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Can operators see which number someone call in on?.

Is there a way, and what device do i need for out operators so see which number is being called in on? we have several dedicated 800 numbers and several local numbers belonging to different departments with different names. We need our operators to be able to identify when someone is calling in, which number they dialed so the can answer the call accordingly. Is this possible and what phones will support it?
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we have the same problem we have 25 virtual regional numbers with another provider the reason we are with them is they can replace the incoming number to the virtual number ID so at least we can see which regional number is coming into us. If ring central could provide the facility whereby we could tag the number the caller is ringing in on so it shows on the desk phone we would port all our numbers to them

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