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At RingCentral our number one priority is keeping you productive while making our solutions easy to manage. In response to customer feedback, we are unifying our separate business apps into one application, the RingCentral app.

We’re beginning the process of retiring our Phone and Meetings apps and bringing those capabilities into the RingCentral app. The first step in this process is to retire the mobile apps. We’ll be making this transition over a period of time, similar to how we roll out our quarterly feature releases.

Don’t worry, more information will be made available as we get closer to confirmed transition dates and we’ll keep you informed with a series of email updates. We’ll also provide notifications inside the RingCentral Phone mobile app with a link to download the RingCentral app.

Note that this transition applies to the mobile app only. You will still be able to use your RingCentral desktop apps.


Q. How do I install/get the RingCentral app?

A. You can download the RingCentral app here. Your users will soon receive in-app notifications pointing them to the RingCentral app in their app store.

Q. Can I still use my existing login credentials?

A. Yes, you’ll still be able to use your existing credentials to log in to the RingCentral app.

Q. Will all my data still be available once I transition to the RingCentral app?

A. Yes, all your existing data will be available in the RingCentral app

Q. What features do I have access to in the RingCentral app?

A. You will still have access to features you know and love plus team messaging, HD video meetings,* task management, and more. Existing RingCentral Office customers will now also have access to additional functionalities including multi-party calling, custom ringtones, and warm transfer.

For more information about your account and specific features, don’t hesitate to reach out to your account representative or RingCentral global support. 

*HD video meetings are not available to Fax and Pro customers

Q. Can I turn off team messaging/Glip?

A. Yes. As part of the transition, we will be introducing the ability for admins to turn off feature access for users in the RingCentral mobile app.

Q. When will this affect me?

A. We’ll be making this transition over a period of time, similar to how we roll out our quarterly feature releases. Don’t worry, we’ll keep you informed via email and more information will be made available as we get closer to confirmed transition dates.
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Posted 2 months ago

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A few inputs from a new customer -

1) If you create a RingCentral group text to multiple internal ringcentral users in the RC desktop phone application, when you are in the RingCentral mobile application, this text message conversation is completely gone. There is no indication that the conversation happened. Looking at the RingCentral Phone mobile app, the group text shows up no problem. This appears to be something that needs to be fixed.

2) I agree with MANY others in the community, the push of Glip into the product is way to over bearing. There are to many companies that don't need or don't want a collaboration tool set or they are just to large to allow their employee base to be doing what they want for security concerns. 
RingCentral needs to provide a way to disable the glip functionality until a company desires to deploy it. There are to many options in the RingCentral mobile app that a downright confusing and that trick people into downloading the RingCentral app, for example you can "Send Message" which many would interpret as a Text since they are interchangeable terms. Nope, this will send a glip message and invite someone to download glip which no one externally is going to do. 

Glip may seem like a trendy cool toy but it has a lot of things that the majority of RingCentral's customer base doesn't need or want. 
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I would suggest something unheard of in the software industry.
Replace the phrase  "We are in the process of retiring.....***

Take a focus group of 20 RC administrative users with varying degrees of skill  from large and small companies..   Half that already use Glip and half that do not. Get real world input from *LIVE USERS* to build the perfect product and scrap what the Ivory Tower Designers are trying to push.   Record the focus group, and watch the faces of some users who have their RingCentral Phone removed without any notice, and present them with FKA Glyp,  Ring Central App.

Keep Glyp Optional, or at least configure so Administrators can allow access only to the PHONE / FAX / Text.  Don't try to be like Microsoft Skype, Microsoft ruined it, still trying to make it work with weekly updates that are annoying as all heck..

Fix it and have it 100% perfect before rolling out.  Features working exactly like the RC Phone app before you even mention a roll out.

Beta test with 50 -  100 VOLUNTEER beta testers and get their input.
 Go back to the drawing board, and make it right before you roll it out.
Consider basic features that work right are more important than new and improved features that many users probably won't use...  ( I suspect this is going on now in the forum, but you can't see the people's faces when they try to figure out how to turn on the phone app, and visual reactions to everything else)

I know you paid a lot of money to acquire Glyp, and someone has a dream to recoup the investment.  Make sure it is right so it doesn't have the opposite effect and cause a mass migration to another vendor.

Having a web based phone like Packet 7+1 X 7+1  is a nice idea, but afraid it could be affected by browser infections and redirects.  VOIP is sensitive enough with the app, much less relying on ANY browser users want, IE, Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Dolphin etc.  Maybeeasier to develop for 3 platforms, Windows, Mac, Linux than it is to develop for a myriad of browsers, or force users to use the one that works.

Thanks for the consideration.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled URL Dial and Launch external app or URL on incoming call RC Desktop to RC app.

With the drive towards retiring the RC Phone and PC Meetings apps on Mobile and Desktop in the coming months/year, please can you review the feature gaps.

Upon testing the new RC combined app on a Desktop (Version: 19.04.8) I was unable to find a configuration for:
  • Launch an external app or a URL on incoming call.
  • No action when clicking a hyperlink in this format - rcmobile://call?number=+1XXXXXXXXXX

Both of these features are currently available in RC Phone Desktop. Will they be included in the RC Desktop app prior to your planned sunset of the RC Phone Desktop app?
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Seems a bit premature. Everyone resists change, and I don't want to sound like a naysayer, but I have two concerns:
  1. The announcement did not include a roadmap. If this transition is scheduled for next year, then okay, that gives admins some peace of mind. Better yet, do a layered deployment like many other companies do, where admins can opt out of the first transition phase.
  2. I have been testing the new RC app for months, and although RC is introducing features at a fast pace, it still lacks basic functionality. For example, it doesn't yet support call queues or integrate my phone contacts.
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A percentage of employees in our office do use Glip. As an admin, in addition to having an on/off feature setting as mentioned above, I would also like a setting that would allow users to set the "Phone" (or other function) as the default launch screen instead of always starting with Glip.
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Forcing your entire customer base into using one unified app does not provide the same functionality which were in RingCentral Mobile and RingCentral Desktop for Windows with HeadsUpDisplay. 

The new app based on the core product formerly named "Glip" does not offer adequate Enterprise Security options, including 
*Mandatory virus scanning for attachments 
*Capability for admin moderation of member messages
*Admin ability to limit attachments is "all or nothing" 
*Admins cannot limit who may message "all members" in an organization.
*Admins cannot limit who may create message groups or populate message groups  
*Many public entities require Message logging and preservation for legal cases.  

Discontinuing RingCentral Mobile phone app and RingCentral Desktop for Windows with HeadsUpDisplay is particularly problematic for many customers who use the Desktop HeadsUpDisplay to manage and monitor their phone system traffic, this will not be a feature in the new renamed Glip app. 

Despite comments and objections from a large number of users, RingCentral is forging ahead with this plan and not giving customers a specific date for when this forced change will be implemented.  This opens the way for other VOIP vendors to step up and offer better customer responsiveness and engineering solutions that work for their customer base.  

I see this as very unfortunate for a company that has consistently led in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for years and it does not bode well for customers under long-term contracts with RingCentral. 

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Hello everyone.  I read the comments to some of the emails that often get overlooked in this forum.  I read a reply from official RC rep that:

Mobile app is scheduled to deploy Q3 of this year.
RC Desktop app will not begin deployment until sometime in 2020.

I, along with many others have with panic and anxiety expressed concerns.

Hope this calms the herd, I don't care if it is a single app or multiple as long as the "Enhancements"  provide the functionality and security of the current apps.

I think the subject of this discussion could have been better communicated ....

"We are currently working on consolidating the two applications into one for ( benefit, benefit, benefit here) sometime in Q3 2019 / Q1 2020

We are seeking community input in regards to the currently, (prematurely renamed) RingCentral App in order to deliver the best-in-class Telephony, Video Meeting and communication app in the industry.  We welcome your input in regards to the current RingCentral App, and we will be making many changes with respect to your input....

Keep up the good work RingCentral, I know you will do this right.

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You're hired.
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We have several users who have had to move to deskphones rather than mobiles due to the fact that the InContact Max Agent does not integrate with the Glip/Ring Central app. This basically means that any Incontact/call centre agent cannot use the mobile app as their endpoint. As we were completely missold on this, we have had to replace the mobile devices for these users with deskphones.

We are using Glip as a communication tool, but the only way these users can access it is via the desktop app - plus some users just find desktops simpler to use than a mobile device.

Why retire desktop apps?
And as already mentioned by so many, there is still ALOT of work to do to bring the Glip/Ring central app up to speed with the old apps. There are so many threads on the community that refer to missing features!

If you have a community, please at least listen to it and act on their feedback.
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USA-based acct | 2287 Users | 3800 DID lines | 28 sites | all Polycom VVX500 phone handsets

UPDATE::: 2019-06-10  had a long teleconference with some of the RingCentral Mobile App team at RingCentral yesterday. 

It would seem the communications about transitioning to one unified app did not make it clear enough for a lot of us to know the Mobile App is still in development and they are looking for what changes to the Mobile App can align best with use for all their customer base, including  Enterprise Security needs.   Stay Tuned for further info.
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The new mobile app should mirror the functionality of the new desktop app to the extent that a smartphone can. It sounds to me that they are overcomplicating the direction of their programming.