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Is it possible to turn off the user notification emails that are automatically sent out whenever the admin makes an adjustment to either a user or a group?
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Posted 5 years ago

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Mike, Official Rep

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Sorry, there's not a way to turn off that particular notification. 
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Hi Elishia,

There is a workaround if you're interested..........I had to come up with this because we don't want our users getting those notifications either.

First, understand that you can have a different email address for the Group or User setup in their "User Info" section (for users) or "Call Queue Info" section (for groups) than what you have in the "Messages and Notifications" section.   System notifications will go to the address specified in the User/Call Queue info section, and missed calls/voicemail messages go to the address shown in Messages and Notifications > Notifications.....if you click on the Advanced Settings there, you can even specify different addresses for voicemail, missed calls, and faxes if needed.

However, one catch is that you cannot use the *same* email address for User/Call Queue Info - each has to be unique.

So in our case, what I did is to setup email aliases (forwarders) on our mail server, that all go to the same inbox for every user and group, this is just used for system messages (and during the user/group setup process).  I have that inbox set to delete messages automatically after 30 days so it doesn't get too full.

Under the Messages and Notifications you can use your User's or Group's real email address (to which you want sent their missed calls/voicemail messages/faxes).

We don't allow our users to get those notifications either (at the moment) because the emails contain a link (and an encouragement) to download the Desktop App or Mobile App, neither of which we want our employees to use, but RC assures me this will be changing sometime this year in response to numerous requests to remove those links.  But if that's not an issue for you, just use the real email address in the Notifications area.

I hope this helps!
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Kim, Alum

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Thank you Trisha for the tip! 
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Hi again Elishia,

I had another thought for you last addition to sending email notifications to the users when you make changes to their settings, the system ALSO sends them a voicemail message directly into their voicemail.

In our case we don't want our users getting those voicemail messages either, but there is no way to disable that feature currently (another problem for many businesses and most call centers).

SO what I do is make any necessary changes when the user is NOT working, then I go into the Messages through the Admin Portal and delete those the Admin Portal you can listen to and manage voicemail messages IF you know the extension password.  In our case, since we DON'T allow our users to login, they don't have their extension passwords, but I do.

So if you have the users' extension passwords, you can remove those system messages by going to Messages and Notifications > View Messages (you will only see the "View Messages" option if there are unread or saved messages).
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Just wondering if there has been any update on this issue?

I am also having an issue in that the system creates too many notification emails for users. Our inboxes seem to get slammed with notifications for every minute detail.

It would be nice to have an option to disable this feature as it does impact users.

There are also a few notifications which I do not want my users to be aware of. Such as being on a monitoring list, or whom has been added as the manager for a specific group.

My only option is to currently set Ring Central as a spam address so all these messages are caught by our filter before being pushed to users. Then I must manually go into each users filter and remove those messages.

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Logan Watson

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This feature is critical that needs to be addressed. From an administration standpoint, it is unreasonable not to be able to customize notifications sent to end users. My group policy does not email ALL USERS every time I make a change, neither should my RingCentral. After three years, this should have been addressed. 
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Helen Julian

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I agree with @Logan