Caller ID: two for one phone

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Need to be able to press a button to call outbound on one caller ID phone # xxx-xxx-xxxx and press another button to call outbound on another caller ID phone # xxx-xxx-xxxx. That way I dont need two phones. just two phone numbers
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William Lyons

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Posted 5 years ago

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Hi William, You do have some control over this but unfortunately it's not as easy as just clicking a button. This page shows an overview of Outbound Caller ID 

I do see how a simple button or switch to toggle back and forth would be convenient.
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Claudio (Customer)

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Since the basic IP Phones like Cisco 303 or Polycom VVX310 has several "lines" (to not mention other bigger and more capable desktop phones), this should be easily implemented for the side of the software... Good idea!
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I also support this feature request. We already have line buttons on the phone. Why not allow me to select it and automatically have each line be tied to an outbound caller id.

I see this feature being requested over different topics. Would be nice to join them all together to get a stronger request.

To me the main reason for this request is because I own 3 businesses and would like to be able to call from my deskphone showing business a, b or c as the caller id. On the desktop app and phone app I can select my caller id. But on the deskphone I can't.
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This is exactly what we are looking for as well.  We run multiple companies from the same phone (which has multiple lines) but you can't choose the caller ID from the phone.  You can choose it from the desktop or mobile app, but it would be VERY beneficial to be able to choose from the desk phone.
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Gregg Endicott

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Any thoughts on this scenario? I'm only using the soft phone so I can't test this until I'm at my clients but my client  is using  a two line IP phone and would like to be able to call from one or the other outside facing numbers.. So her physical IP phone would make calls from one of the two numbers  and we set the soft phone on her PC to call out from the other number.. So the question is if she was to make a call from her soft phone in  "Ring Out" mode, she would have to  pick up her handset and press 1 to complete the call so would the caller ID display the number that the soft phone is set to or would it reflect the number that the IP phone is set to? I'll do a test next week when I'm at my clients.
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Hello Gregg,

I did some testing and for your case of using Ring Out, the call will reflect the outbound caller ID that is set on the softphone, not service web. I hope that helps!
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Sorry, Saadet. Doesn't help. We are talking about changing outbound caller id from the deskphone.
Let's say I have 3 different companies and respective phone numbers. I'd like to call customer A with my company A number, customer B with company B number, and customer C with company C number. So that when they call me back to leave a voicemail, they reach the right "department".

One easy solution, in my view, is if I could use the presence keys on the desk phone, to select from which line I will be doing the outbound call.
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outbound caller ID can always be changed prior to a call through each extension. i realize this may be a hassle and the point of the whole thread, but if you have only 2 direct line keys and the rest are all presence keys for users, how would you have multiple caller IDs on a phone past 2 different companies anyway? or am i totally missing something?  programmable caller ID buttons? groups using a certain caller ID on the set maybe?