User Settings: Disable call waiting while on a call.

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Use a "Currently on another Call" greeting message while on another call or have the capability to disable Call waiting. An options that say, while i'm on another call us this greeting, or while i'm on a call go straight to voicemail.
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Posted 6 years ago

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Do we have any options yet for this?
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It has been six years since somebody asked for this so it should be any day now don’t you think
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled send calls to Voicemail when I'm on the other line..

When I am on the phone I still get calls to come through and ring my phone. Can these inbound calls go directly to voicemail?
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[Note: there are two very different features being requested in this thread. One is to be able to turn call waiting OFF for individual users. The other is to turn call waiting ON for call queues.]

I'm a new RingCentral user, and am very surprised that there is no option to turn off call waiting in user settings. Furthermore, I have worked with provisioning twice now to turn off call waiting on my Cisco ATA device, only to have default settings reappear within 48 hours.

RingCentral does have an option for call queues to send new callers to voicemail if number of callers waiting exceeds (x). This tells me that the ability to turn off call waiting for individual users -- that is, send new callers to voicemail if number of callers waiting exceeds zero -- should be possible within RingCentral's programming.

For individuals who spend a good deal of time on the phone, call waiting can be very disruptive. Please give us this option.
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If you want call waiting to be added to call queues, please LIKE this thread: 

Call Queue: requesting Call Waiting for queue members
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Issue: Incoming calls still received when already on a call.

  1. Account type- UK - Premium Edition
  2. A brief description of the business- IT & Finance support for global security firm 
  3. A high level description of the product or feature being requested-
    We are seeing issues with RC users where they are getting calls still coming through to them when they are already on a call.

    The hunt / ring groups setup appear to work as expected as the notification of a new call and ringing doesn't occur with another hunt group call, but it does when they are direct dialed either by another RingCentral user internally or from an external caller.

    Issue appears to be similar to this- 
  4. We would request for a user to be marked as busy if they are on a call regardless of where the new incoming call is being routed from.  The new call should then be auto-forwarded to voicemail or as per the auto-forwarding rules setup on the user's line, e.g. to another user or phone. This would allow people calling an RC user directly to be routed to the wider team to speak to someone where a forwarding to a ring-group was in place.
  5. People calling an RC users extension direct would get a response if the user is already on a call, rather than it ringing out on them or having to wait for the call to ring before routing to leave a message. More calls could be taken and shared across a team rather than voicemails being left on specific RC user's extensions.  
  6. Number of Users and/or Digital Lines - Mulitple contracts with combined 300-350 users total.

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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Send new callers to voicemail while Im on the phone.

There is no way to disable the "Beep" when a new call is coming in while Im on the phone. Its extremely distracting to the point where I have to ask my customer to stop talking until the other call goes to voicemail. This is unacceptable. One of two features needs to be implemented. Either there needs to be an option to send all new callers immediately to voicemail when extensions are busy, or there needs to be a way to disable the auditory notification that a new call is coming in. This question has been asked for THREE YEARS NOW and a change has not been implemented. Im not holding my breath.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Beeping for incoming call while on the phone.

Would love to see an option to turn off the beeping of an incoming call while you are already on a phone call through the soft phone. You can currently mute the ringing but the beeping continues after you ignore it and its too loud/distracting while on the phone. 

However, i see someone requested this feature 4 years ago. Any update or progress on this potentially being added as a feature?