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I've been using RingCentral for about six months now and there are a couple things that annoy me about the administration site. I'm hoping this strikes a chord with others:

1. Make the data grid columns stretchable so that a person can see all the data in the column. It is extremely frustrating if the prefix of the data is the same such as with caller ID, where you may have the company name, then the employee's extension.
2. Be able to change the order of the columns.
3. Be able to add or remove columns from the view.

Does anyone else have similar interface pet peeves? Thanks!

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Posted 2 years ago

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Brandon Hill

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The admin UI is awful in a lot of ways.  
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Jay Nichols

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And since they haven't fixed any other issue that has been requested for 3 years or more, I doubt if this will get much attention either.
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Yes! Yes! And again YES! Some things about this interface remind me of software from the 90' & 2000's. These three things among MANY others should be a no-brainer. RC are you listening to your customers?? The long time coming combining of the hokey separate apps is a great start! I realize that everyone wants something and thankfully some are saying the same things. There are many functions across the apps that are clunky at best and some functions don't even exist, but should (I am thinking of the Glip App). Keep listening and keep the improvements coming!
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All would be welcome improvements, as would having the drop down list of Departments when filtering to be sorted alphabetically rather than in some random order.
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Technical Support

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Just wanted to share customer feedback on the overall user experience with the UI. 
Personally I believe that the RC interface is an acquired taste but as a visual person I wish the UI was a Node based interface where users can build a flow chart of RC functions from scratch. This way you can easily see the outcome of how the different functions and sub functions are all part of the big picture.


I wanted to take a moment and send in some client feedback. I have spent time again this morning trying to find where to send this, and simply cannot find anywhere else, so I am forwarding as a Case. Please forward this to anyone that would be interested in client feedback. I wanted to offer some input on the UX/UI and client experience with Ring Central. I genuinely offer this as meaningful response. 

In a nutshell, the RingCentral has the reputation around our offices as having one of the worst client experiences available on the internet. With this, I mean that the user interface is so profoundly confusing, complicated and unnecessarily convoluted, that we in our office have simply stopped trying to figure it out. I have spoken with other tech offices in our building and they seem to share the same experience to the point that Ring Central has become the training example of how NOT to have a good UX/UI client experience. 

Please allow me to condition what I mean. The actual functions of RC work absolutely great and are most reliable. The phone services of themselves are top notch and I am not offering any negative feedback on these services in anyway. 

Your customer service team is wonderful. Heavens knows that I have spent many, many hours on the phone with them. I understand that they are based in the Philippines and I cannot offer any negative responses to the level of client services (and patience) that they offer on the phone. 

My frustration is in the online admin and settings. I have noticed that trying to make the most simple changes is incredibly complex and convoluted. On more than one occasion, trying to navigate the system, with a simple task, has turned into an ENTIRE DAY wasted on trying to figure out RingCentral. Again this week, an ENTIRE day and a half was spent by three staff trying to complete what should have been a simple function setting on the Admin panel. 

As the ED for the organization, my experience with RC has now come to... "Do NOT waste time trying to figure RC out or even bother with their online tutorials. Do NOT bother with attempting to chat with support online. Get on the phone and speak with someone, otherwise you will waste more of the day." 

All said, you need to seriously fix your online portals. You need to majorly simplify the interfaces, simplify the accessing functions and do user testing to see if clients are able to actually navigate what somebody in your design department is ASSUMING is working. For what it is worth... your interface, functions and and User Experience simply does not work. I venture that if you do not fix it... you will be required to direct more resources to your telephone customer services. 

I am not sure if you are even interested in client feedback, nor do I have any further time to invest in this beyond what the latest RC drama have already been required of me and my team this week (almost 2 full days at writing.) but I know that it if it were my company Id want to hear from someone like me.