Control ring order of Desktop App and Mobile App.

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Or allow us to customize the order we want our devices to be used in.

Why is  user, call handling and forwarding so the "softphone and smart phones" is hard coded to be rung first before the other devices. Softphone should be separated smart phones and allow the user to determine the order.

Allow us to customize our call flow for each device: desktop app, smartphone, and hardphone.
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E. M Scott

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Posted 5 years ago

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Chris Duquette, Champion

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I think anything thats a "device" should be able to ring separately.
1. app
2. desk phone
3. soft phone
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Lee, Champion

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Chris, The more I find out about them, I don't think the softphone and Apps are considered a device. Unless they have a digital line associated with them. 
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J.B. Ferguson, Champion

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Correct Lee. The ONLY "device" he listed was the "desk phone".
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Chris Duquette, Champion

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makes sense.They still need to be able to be separated whether there's a line on them individually or not. If I have my own DL why shouldn't I be able to make the physical phone ring before an app which wouldn't have its own number assigned to it?
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I Agree Chris. If a softphone has a digital line associated to it then you should be able to control the ring order just like a physical phone. I think the problem is with the free softphones and mobile apps. I really don't want them to force all the softphones to have Digital lines to make this happen. lol.
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Tim Cole

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Agree 100% and why not. Seems very basic.
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Its sucks not having the ability to make the desk/hardphone ring first. Please add that feature!
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Riley McQuivey

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This is a feature that we really need. It has clearly been requested by people for years.
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Gavin Maher

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HI, I'm new to RC and in AUS. I have my Desktop APP, Mobile APP and Desk phone  (hard phone) all ringing at the same time by setting APPs tp 0ring/0sec which works fine. Issue i have is i can control the ring time for hard phone but the APPs always ring for 30Seconds. The issue with this is when i forward to mobile the total ring time from call in to going to Mobile Voice mail can be 50 to 60 secs depending on mobile carrier ring time. Is there a way to reduce APPS ring time to 15secs or give user option to choose 15 or 30 secs.
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Separating post to individual thread

Please reference the new conversation here: App Ring Time
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Feature Request: Call forwarding should have option to send to desk phone FIRST, ....

There needs to be an option in the call forwarding section to allow a desk phone to ring prior to the mobile/desktop app.

After speaking to RC support, I was instructed to submit a feature request here. Upon entering the title, it redirected to dozens of requests made for this exact feature over the past 4 years. The support tech insisted that this feature (call forwarding to allow prioritizing desk phone over desktop/mobile app) will be incorporated in an upcoming update but to still make a new feature request.

The only way to get around this at the moment is to disable calls to the desktop/mobile app, set the desk phone first, and then forward to a cell phone, bypassing the mobile app entirely which is not ideal.
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Christopher Wellman

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This is very unclear to me... Can you please clarify this request?
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J.B. Ferguson, Champion

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How is this unclear? The desktop app and the mobile app are linked together by ONE selection button *AND* in the first position in Call Handling & Forwarding. The first position is also not changeable. Users don't want them linked together, or in a first position, as this means if you're sitting at your desk, you will have your desk phone, your desktop app and your mobile phone all ringing at the same time. This is annoying and unnecessary. This has been a much requested item for over four years now.
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Makes absolutely no sense at all and one of the big frustrations with RC. "Features" like this are a no brainer, and when no brainer necessities are not addressed for 4 years running, something is very wrong. Unfortunately there are way too many "no-brainer" issues that seem to be completely ignored. I realize that here are a "million" feature and idea requests coming in all the time and that has to be hard to navigate. The vote process has its merit, but should not be the deciding factor on critical function. Someone should be looking beyond votes and making the "no-brainer" stuff happen yesterday, without the need for endless committees and such, which I assume is happening.

I like a lot about RC, but it sure is a head scratcher why they need this kind of time to address these critical issues, all the while folks keep begging for it to happen. Too me, it just speaks of upper management inadequacies, or... a company that truly doesn't care about their customer's needs when it comes right down to it. I can't say this is true for the chat reps that I have sought out for help, or those in the forum that try to help, like Saadet, because they have been great! Hopefully, things will change for the better sooner than later as there are too many basic things that don't work the way that they should. Rant over... :)
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Brian McCafferty

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This basic feature has been missing for 5 years according to this post. They continue to bloat the software with useless features and ignore the basics. RC seems to be slipping behind as others catch up and will soon over take.
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Ryan Taylor

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Just another Ring Central premium customer requesting a simple feature...
Why would people want their cell phones to ring before their deskphone?
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Because this doesn't exist I and about 50% of our company do not use the ringcentral app. 
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Jay Elmore

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At this point, this thread is 4+ years old and has over 300 upvotes. It's obvious Ring Central doesn't listen to their users. This feature shouldn't even be something we have to ask for. 
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Mike Gustavson

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This is probably the biggest frustration for me and my team since migrating to RC. Like Derek above - because of this, the majority of my team refuses to use the mobile app. We deal with a huge volume of calls throughout the day, so it means that your cell phone (app) is constantly ringing for no reason. With queue calls - this means multiple phones are ringing all the time, when users are sitting at their desks in front of a physical phone.

As others have said - this seems like a no brainer. Why have the Call Handling config available, and then permanently fix these into one group, and assign them a permanent top level?! It makes no sense!
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Debbi Rodgers

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Yep. totally agree. I want to weigh in on this subject. I have a user who needs her phone to ring on her actual phone unit first and then her mobile app. Mobile app needs to be an option to add in later in the ringing order but it's not. You can only instruct it to go to your cell phone number and not through the app. This is a problem that definitely needs to be addressed.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Split out the Ringcentral desktop and Mobile apps within the portal.

Split out the Ringcentral Desktop and Mobile apps within the portal.  Currently it seems, if you have the mobile app installed on your cell phone it is combined with your desktop application and calls will automatically route to both.  It would be nice to be able to shut the off routing calls to the cell phone when needed through the portal.
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Marcus Pryor

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It seems absolutely foolish that you're unable to change the ring order to have it ring to your desktop then to your smartphone.  The fact that customers have been complaining about the inability to change the default first position ring order for over 4 years is truly disappointing. 
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Erin Rigby

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Doesn't seem like RC is responding to this at all.  Has there been an update lately?
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Saadet - Community Moderator, Official Rep

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Hi Erin, I followed up with the Product Team on this. It's on their radar and planned for Q4 of this year. If that gets delayed, I'll update this post!
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Saadet - Community Moderator, Official Rep

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Official Response
Hi Everyone,

I wanted to provide an update that our Product Team is planning to separate the Desktop and Mobile app options under Call Handling & Forwarding. This will allow you all to better customize your ring order. Currently they are targeting our 19.4 release. If for some reason they run into any issue and the release gets delayed, I'll let you all know :)
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John Roof

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Is this still projected to be released in Q4 of 2019?
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Saadet - Community Moderator, Official Rep

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Hey John, as far as I know it is :)
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Julia Ingersoll

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Can you confirm that we will be able to have our deskphones ring first and the mobile app and softphone second and third?
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Saadet - Community Moderator, Official Rep

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Hey Julia! From my understanding you will be able to :) I'll learn more as we get closer to the release!