Desktop App: authorize my softphone to be used on multiple PCs

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I have a laptop and a desktop that I use depending on where I am located for business.  In the current process I have to deauthorize one machine to take calls from my other.  I would like to have the ability to have the softphones both authorized and ring when that device is on and the app logged into.. This way I as a user simply need to log into the authorized softphone I need to use and not have to change the configurations around each time.

I do not want to have to deauthorize the PC every time I switch computers.
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Posted 4 years ago

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The problem with the RC app is that the telephony functions are not even close to what you get with the softphone app itself.  At some point you have to expect that there won't be any fraud and really I do not buy this as an excuse. The softphone still gets associated to ONE phone number. You could also make it so that when a user signs in with one softphone app the user is logged out of any other softphone apps ( except mobile).

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I'd be really curious as to what you use in the softphone that isn't provided in the RC app.  The only thing I find lacking is presence information, which was never really that good in the softphone anyway.
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HUD and Favorites. The HUD is used by our users to set the speed dials on their phones. Its just easier than doing it in the web portal. Also in my opinion the directory lookup features are better on the actual phone app.
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My problem is the reverse and I have been talking to support about this. You CAN have two instances of softphones at one time because you have 2 virtual lines. That is the limitation as I understand it. If you have a desk phone, it counts as one, then a softphone would also be one. That would be the limit. If you have a softphone only with a digital line then you can have 2 softphones, the 2 line limit. The mobile app does not count because it does not count as a digital line. it uses the wireless, not Wi-Fi, from the provider to connect the call. They cannot get rid of the softphone because some of us rely on it for CTI integration. which is where my problem is. Our CRM has problems when someone logs into 2 different desktops without deauthorizing on one. It basically just logs them out. 
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I am so frustrated of seeing this error message.

Why not allow multiple registrations? It's obviously not a licensing/cost/fraud/abuse issue if it's allowed on the Glip app.

Why not a dropdown in the app itself to select which softphone is active?

Why not automatically de-auth other machines when a new one connects? Or when they're offline?

etc etc etc....
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I agree with you. Years ago I quasi-supported RingCentral's practice of only allowing one softphone instance at a time because I thought it might have to do with the possibility of licensing fraud or abuse. I agreed at that time for a programming solution of automatically de-authorizing one instance when a second instance started, as many have asked for.

But now with the ability of having multiple active instances of the Glip app on multiple platforms (not just WiFi connections) and not to mention that at least three other VoIP/UCaaS providers allow for multiple instances of their softphones (3, 5, and 8 instances with the providers I am aware of), RIngCentral's single allowed active instance of their softphone is archaic and unwarranted.

Now whenever I speak with a prospect and they need multiple active instances of a softphone as part of their VoIP buying decision, I cannot in good conscience recommend RingCentral due to this issue. I do present RingCentral along with the other three major providers I partner with and let the prospect make the decision, but I present the pluses and minuses of each provider based on the prospect's needs.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Softphones for a single line on multiple computers.

We really need the option to have softphones set up on a desktop, a laptop, and possibly another laptop, set for the same user, same extension, etc.  At present I understand that you can only have one computer with the softphone set up per extension.  This doesn't work if you have a desktop you normally work at, a laptop you take with you on the go, and possibly another laptop/desktop you have at another location.  
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Another in the pile of basic functions the feature team hasn't got the time or resources to implement.  Really closes off an avenue of usefulness in the "gig economy".