Admin: View if "Accept Call Queue Calls" is toggled On/Off for users

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We are a US based web hosting company with many remote users who are located in several different countries. We can see when a user has their phone set to available, but cannot see if they have toggled the "Accept call queue calls" switch on/off.  

We need to be able to monitor this to ensure they are not turning this option off and only receiving direct calls. This feature would be used on a daily basis by our support managers to ensure that calls are being routed properly. 

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Posted 3 years ago

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We need this option too.  Seeing who is in the queue is really important not only for call routing, but for work load of our support technicians.

We have a huge problem with technicians that will leave the call queue (and say they are still in the call queue).  The team members that are actually in the queue get overburdened with all the calls.  If I want to know if a team member is in the queue (so that they get call queue calls) I have to physically look at their ring central desktop app with them.  There is no place to check it in the admin portal either.

It's easy enough for support technicians to just switch the button over to being back in the call queue when they see a manager approaching too.  As a manager I need to be able to spot check this to see if people are actually doing their job.

They can also spend several minutes/or hours out of the call queue, and then when you ask them if they are in there, they will put themselves back in.  There is no way for me to check on the accountability of this.

To compound this situation, there is a bug with the Desktop App.  If you 'click and drag' the button over to 'accept call queue calls' it doesn't put you in the call queue (Even though the button moves over).  You have to click (without dragging the mouse) to toggle the button off or on.

This is another way that some of our support technicians take advantage of 'being in the call queue' when they really aren't.  They take advantage of this bug to pretend that they are in the queue.

Any help surrounding all this would be very helpful.

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Todd G

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This is absolutely a feature that I must have, and it must update in real-time.
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Luis Sanchez

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You're best bet is to use the API and create a light-weight application that shows you the status of everyone and allows you to update it. Your next option is to wait until RingCentral deploys this as part of the HUB.  But I wouldn't hold my breath for that.  I wonder, does RingCentral have a posted product Road Map? Does anyone know?
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Omar Ramirez

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I think even a report regarding how much DND time or how much time they spend with the "Accept call queue call" off. It is difficult to keep track of what CSRs are actually on the queue with out looking at their screen.

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Hi Omar... depending on the number of reps you have you may want to reach out to your Account Manager and ask them about the ContactCenter package. It has more sophisticated reporting that might work for you.

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Omar Ramirez

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Thank you Mike, I have reached out to our account manager for more information.
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I hope this gets implemented since it's very vital for us to know if our agents are avoiding calls and it would be best to know what their activities are on the app from an admin's eye.
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Will Fink

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This is definitely a critical missing feature.  In addition, it should be possible to disable the ability for some users to leave the call queue.
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As an admin there is a way to see if a person is available in the queue.
You go to the Phone System > Groups and then click on the down arrow on the right hand side of the group. It will expand the group and tell you if a user is Available, Busy, or Unavailable. 

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This is not refreshing the data in real time;   We need something that displays the 'accepting queue calls' in real time
Any ETA on that Jennifer?
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Sorry, Christine. No ETA on that type of feature
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Ashley Myers

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Though I like the option Jen put forth, it is too static for our users. I need to see something updated in real time. Having to refresh, a page outside of the HUD is not practical. 
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Luis Sanchez

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I agree that this should be viewed in the HUD.  To make matters even worse the custom status message set on the user profiles is also not viewable on the HUD.  You can only see that information in the Favorites List of Contact Details page.
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This method doesn't show who is on DND or actually Available. I think it picks from the fact that they are in their Office Hours AND they are on the Queue. Still not an accurate reflection of it they are actually available to take calls. How can I tell who is on DND and who is actually available?
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Luis Sanchez

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We got around this problem by using the RingCentral API to create our own Web Application that combines everything we want to see on a single page. We branded the application "tyles".  Using tyles we are able to turn accept queue calls on and off and we can see what other people have theirs set to.  We can also see the custom status message for everyone and even change their custom status message for them.  Check out the screenshot. This was all done using the RingCentral API's by our internal development staff. 
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Really nice!
wow.  If RC can't pull it all together, how can I accomplish such a thing?
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Luis Sanchez

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We just used the RingCentral API and wrote an application on IIS that puts it all together according to our specific workflows. And by "we" I mean our RC developer on staff.  ;)
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Mike Gustavson

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Luis, is this something you are able/willing to share?

We don't have the resources to build this internally, but it would certainly be useful....
Not sure what line of business Luis is in but I'd be willing to pay for them to develop such an application for me!  RC doesn't seem to have this on the radar and it is CRITICAL that admins can see all and edit all DND and Call Queue Status'.  SUPER JEALOUS as I currently have to question people and monitor from their stations all by "word of mouth" and tattle tailing form others.  No I don't work for a preschool!  Keep the votes coming, not sure what it does but you never know.  Luis, PM me too if this is something you can do.  
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Luis Sanchez

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Hey guys... I feel your pain.  Thankfully we had the resources to augment the RingCentral platform to adjust it for the needs of the business.  The best solution is for RingCentral to incorporate some of these ideas in the "HUD".   

I'm not sure if sharing the code will provide any value.  But I can describe what we did a little.

We have a web server on premise running IIS.  This is where the website "tyles" lives. Upon going to the site we require Active Directory username and password. One of our developers created the User Interface (the squares, images, text, etc).  The name, number, department type of information is coming from Active Directory.

Another guy used the RingCentral API to develop all the actions. We have pretty simple business rules.  For example, "As a Sales Manager, I want to be able to change someone else's 'Accept Queue Calls' status".  To solve this, using tyles, the sales manager clicks on the the person and hits a "queue toggle" button.  That triggers the code to send an API request to RingCentral to update the status of the person. Then, that change is reflected in tyles.  RingCentral can easily incorporate this into the HUD by giving managers to ability to queue statuses for the people on their team.

We have about 10 or more of these custom rules baked into the tyles application and it works fairly well.  There is only a 2 second delay from the moment we toggle something, to it showing up in RingCentral. 

We even created a CRM screen-pop using RingCentral API.  Upon answering a call, tyles grabs the caller ID phone number and searches our CRM for that number.  If the number exists in CRM then the name of the company is presented to the Sales Rep along with a button to press.  Pressing that button takes opens up a new tab in Chrome with the companies CRM Account record loaded. 

The moral of the story is the RingCentral API is pretty useful for customizing the RingCentral offering.  It would be nice if these features existed already.  However, if you have access to a software developer, then the RingCentral Developers portal has all the info the developer needs to create these custom features.  

Let me know if I can further help and good luck out there!
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Arron Voce

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Luis, any chance I can speak to you about this. It would be great if I could get hold of this application to help support our little team, thanks!
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Luis Sanchez

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Do you have developers on staff?  It might not be worth pursuing unless you have some software developers around.  If you do, then send me your email address and I can schedule a 30 minute meeting and can show you more details. 
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Lee L

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Hi Luis, we do have a developer and I would be interested in this.  Sending my info over now.
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Luis Sanchez

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Once I get your email address I'll send you over more info. Also, did you see the new Operator Console.  Looks pretty good. 
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JC Glancy

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Can you not see missed calls when accept call queue calls is toggled off? I am the only person in the group so it's just me and sometimes if I'm working on other projects I will turn it off, I thought I could see the missed calls after and call them back but that appears to not be the case. Any ideas?
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Saadet, Employee

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Hi JC Glancy, I've created a separate thread for your question since it is different from the original thread

Please reference the new conversation here: View Missed Calls when Accept Call Queue is Turned Off
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There's a number of threads about this and similar topics - just adding my vote to another.

This is a constant problem for our team, with people removing themselves and then forgetting to turn back on.
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Luis Sanchez

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I agree!  The I forgot excuse is getting a little old.  Using the RingCentral API you can create a "listener".  The listener will wait for a call terminated event to occur.  Once that occurs you can find out who just got off the call, lets say it was Joe.  Then, you can send an API request to place Joe on "Ready".  Now, every time Joe hangs up, he is automatically placed on "Ready".

And by "Ready" I mean, toggle the "Accept call queue calls" option in RingCentral.  What a cumbersome name for a feature. 

However, doing this will just prompt your users to complain that they are receiving calls when they intend not to receive calls. Yup, that is what happened to us.

At the end of the day, it is a people/process problem not a technology problem.  Those are much harder to fix.  :)
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Bobby Steitler

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I agree with the OP I would also like this feature ASAP.
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Gary Manske

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A suggestion is to check out the Bridge Operator Console for RC. It's HUD on steroids and overcomes many of the limitations of the HUD. Check it out in the app gallery:
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Laura Beecham

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Thanks for highlighting this new option!  
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Gary Manske

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Hi all, I wanted to provide some more context on the Bridge Operator Console and how it can help in these situations. Let me walk thru some specific examples.

Queue Activity - The Bridge Operator Console shows queue activity (bottom right panel), and when you click on a queue, who is assigned to that queue along with their status (Company Directory Pane). Note the queue name, as defined in RC is displayed as well.

Status: There are three status settings related to this thread:
A. Available - Show available for queue calls and internal calls.
B. "Do Not Disturb - Department" - When a user toggles out of queue calls, they have removed themselves from taking queue calls.  In this case, their status changes to "Do Not Disturb - Department".
C. "Do Not Disturb" - This status puts the individual in DND for all calls and shows "Do Not Disturb". Note there is an absence of "- Department" in the activity field for this status.

This functionality allows users to manage who is/isn't available in call queues.  In our experience, being able to see these status items gives the manager/supervisor the visibility needed to manage their teams. Giving users to change a team mate's status can be dangerous for many reasons.

  • At best you may lose calls when someone is set to available but is indeed not. 
  • At worst, it can be malicious behavior from one rep to another. This is just as inappropriate as taking oneself out of the queue when you are expected to be available in the queue.
The below screenshot will give you a little view into this. If you would like to discuss further or see value in a demo, I would be happy to speak with you.

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Wes Turner

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It should also be disclosed that the Bridge Operator Console comes at an added cost of $99 / month on top of the rate the user is paying for their RingCentral subscription (if I am reading correctly).  I am hoping that RingCentral instead fixes this painful oversight so that remote workers are not enabled to cheat the system by using the 'off the shelf' functionality baked into the current RingCentral platform.
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I agree. What we're asking for is a basic feature that should be included. I'm sure the Bridge Operator Console is an impressive add-on but I don't feel it is the right solution.
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Paul Pecullan

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I too would like to see this feature
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Logan Hall

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We just moved to RingCentral a couple of months ago, but quickly noticed the need for this functionality as well. I see years worth of asking for this as a feature, which shouldn't be hard to implement. We are small but growing rapidly, and we desperately need this feature!