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Voicemail Drop (also known as voicemail automation) is a type of inside technology that is designed to accelerate the process of leaving voicemail messages. - Basically when one of our agents gets a customers voicemail then they can select an option to leave a prerecorded message. This is a highly desired function that should be put into place.
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Krystene Morse

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Posted 1 year ago

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Bala Koppella

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Yes, This is a very neat feature which saves a lot of time and effort for the users. Any update on this ?
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Saadet - Community Moderator, Official Rep

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Hi Bala, this is a pretty recent request - therefore, there is no ETA for if/when it may become available.
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Mike Cush

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I second the request - this would be a huge pickup for any organization using your system and making high volume outbounds daily. 
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Jeff Grillion

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3rd! Please make it happen RC Team! 
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Zack Belcher

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I agree - this would be a great feature.  Especially the ability to say something like "Hi Bob" and then select the recorded voicemail you want to leave and have it pick right up and leave the rest of the voicemail allowing me to hang up and move on to the next call.
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Steve Kearns

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Have been requesting this for three years. Should have been completed by now.
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Elam Real Estate

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We need this!
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Jeff Grillion

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 Saadet - Community Support, It has now been 6 months and we have quite a bit of people searching for this on their own so there is definitely a demand for it. We are all searching other companies for their service and before we start sharing our findings with competitors I would love to hear you guys have an ETA as there has not been any update in quite a while. I am sure we would prefer to give RC the business for this service vs having to go elsewhere but need to know if its even in the works... 
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Saadet - Community Moderator, Official Rep

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Hi Jeff, I just followed up with our Product Team and this is not on the roadmap at this time.
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Darby McDaniel

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I did not realize this was not a feature.  I make about 500 calls a week and this is not just some whatever we don't think it is important so we are not going to include it because we would not use it attitude.  I will have to cancel.  Unfortunately i bought a really cool toll free number.  I am willing to give it up and move on.  This is a deal breaker for me. 


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Jeff Grillion

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Ring Central is still a great company, I agree this is something they should implement but I have faith in them based on their track record.. they will come around for us!
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Jemi Assefa

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Yes, please make this happen
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Pierre Batbatian

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5th ! this would be an incredible feature. I love Zacks suggesting on being able to partially customize the message and then pressing a button to switch to the pre recording.
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Robert O'very

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Yes, please!
This needs to be added ASAP!!!
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Joey Escoboza

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Joey Escoboza - ESCO Mortgage Adviosrs

I just left the same message as everyone else in the quotes to follow.  I also mentioned that when integrated with Pipedrive,  it would be cool if an automated text message would go out to a prospect if a website form or social media landing page ads form was completed and pushed into the Piperive deal flow as a Lead In.  Here's my message I left for the current conversation: " I'm making a call from my RingCentral account to for example, a prospect, and if they don't answer the phone and their voice mail comes on then I can click on a pre-recorded voice message in my RingCentral account so I don't have to leave a message.  If I'm making a lot of calls to prospects for the same reason, this will save me a lot of time if their voice mail comes on."  
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Hayden Drum

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Sad that RingCentral doesnt integrate with PipeDrive. I really like the CRM.