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We have some of our clients fax our direct lines, we have it set so that we receive emails notifying us of the fax with the actual fax attached to the email. After the fax has been received and the email sent, the message center generates a voicemail (or audio notification/announcement for the picky tech support staff) stating that you have received a fax. When we see the light blink on the phone we don't know if it's an actual voicemail or just a fax notification. It's redundant because we use email notifications, annoying, and a time waster. According to tech support it's just "part of the ring central system". We need the ability to turn it off just like emails or sms notifications.
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I completely agree.  We contacted RingCentral about the exact same issue last week and were told this is not yet something their system allows, but I could post on here to suggest it to their Product Enhancement Team for consideration in new features.  Glad to see we aren't the only ones who find this feature a bit of a time waster since the email notification provides us with everything we need.  Thanks for sharing! 
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2 years later, and we are still in the same situation. Very frustrating.
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This should be an easy fix, and considering the number of bugs within Ring Central's software, it's surprising that this hasn't been addressed (or maybe not surprising). This can't be that difficult to address...is anyone reading this feedback?  Should we send handwritten letters to senior management...will that better receive attention?
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I can't comment on the difficulty level since I'm not a programmer. We do regularly send reports to our Product Team regarding active feature requests.
This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Voice Message notification for fax messages..

It would be best to have an option to opt out of receiving fax notifications via the message center on our phone devices.

I was advised that there currently is no option to do this.
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Danno assisted me with testing this today.  Try and go in to Messages & Notifications and check "Mark Message as read once e-mailed".  See if that is a possible work-around for your business needs. 

Thank you ill give that a try and get back with an answer. 
unfortunately this did not work for us and we are still getting the fax notification via voicemail. 

This can get quite annoying and i think it would be great to be able to program that in, as i see people have inquired about it before and the option to turn on/of notifications for sms already exists but not for fax.

I do appreciate the assistance though! 
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Not sure why it works on mine and not yours.  I have RC Office; one account that is the Standard subscription and the other is Enterprise.  And I get a ton of spam faxes every week!
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We started missing faxes. Reported it to RingCentral and were told that deleteing the VM will delete the fax.  Asked if we could turn off the VM and were told that isn't an option. Asked if we could turn off the deleting of the fax and were told that is by design.

So would definitely like to see the disabling of the voicemail as a feature :)
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I don't get the rationale behind the design of having the deletion of the voicemail notification ALSO deleting the actual fax.
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I couldn't agree more Bob - it is a major design flaw. And the fact that people have been actively complaining about it for YEARS is even more astounding.
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I would like to add my voice to this thread as well.  Please create a disable button for what actually goes to our voicemail.  It is time consuming when sending and receiving many faxes to get notification for each one. 

I would like to say that I appreciate being able to send a fax through Ring Central.  It works great!

Thank you.

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Another customer that would like the option to NOT receive voicemails for every fax received.  This is very annoying.
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Just this week, we began with RingCentral.   Love the phone system and ability to receive fax via email.   Hate receiving a voicemail notification for a received fax.    I see this is on-going for at least two years.  Please listen to your users and add the ability to disable the notification via voicemail.
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Could ringcentral chime in here to provide an update?  It's not clear to us (me at least) that you understand how troublesome this "feature" is to some of us.  We are veterinary hospital in an industry where unfortunately various labs still rely on faxes to send results.  Many vets still use paper records but even the paperless ones have to deal with faxes b/c its still the norm.  That said, here's our use case:
  1. We get dozens of faxes a day, we automatically print them for a paper record and save the pdf for the paperless record (in transition to paperless)
  2. Our message box FILLS with important voice messages as well as redundant fax messages
  3. Our message light is ALWAYS blinking - but is it voice? fax?  who knows?!
  4. Message box fills with 80+ messages - hard to sort through to find the important voice messages
  5. Receptionist deletes all the faxes (it's ok b/c they are in the Ringcentral app! - NOT)  (very time consuming manual process btw)
  6. Faxes deleted from the app - (its ok, we have the email - true)
Option should be considered:  Optional to have fax messages appear as voicemail. 

I want to rant for 30 minutes but am pretty convinced RC is not looking at this.
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Rest assured we do indeed read every post made here.  Unfortunately we receive dozens, if not hundreds of requests every month so even some features that seem quite simple to implement can take a long time to get prioritized and actually get developed.  The best thing to do is keep commenting and voting so that it shows up as a larger item on the radar.
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I agree with Lab Pharm 100%. We are an Audiology Clinic and to have our Voicemail fill with redundant fax messages is time consuming and unnecessary. A simple option to have fax messages appear as voicemail would fix this entirely and make our lives much easier.

We love our Ring Central setup and the App is so user friendly and intuitive to send faxes. This change to would make a HUGE impact on our day-to-day work flow.
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I find it interesting that I just got off the phone with RC and the tech didn't even know that the system stored fax notification in the voicemail. He stated if I want to suggest a feature I should do it here, but with this treat started three years ago and updated just two months ago, it doesn't look promising that RC cares. 

I know it doesn't take 3 year to write code to cancel fax notification in VM.
It shouldn't take rants in the forum to get a company to remove an unwanted feature.  
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I couldn't agree more.
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It's pretty clear that this feature isn't going to change.  In the 21st century, and with RingCentral having so many other valuable ways to notify users of faxes (mobile app, desktop app, e-mail) the idea that the voicemail notification of a fax still exists is a little strange, but the inability for us to turn it off is even more strange.  Don't get me started on the idea that deleting the voicemail actually deletes the fax...