SMS: Add feature to monitor text messaging.

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Such as number of texts send/received, and time to respond, etc.

Our business communicates with a large number of clients on a daily basis through phone, text, and email. 

We regularly analyze our phone call data, such as length of call, time to answer, how many times one customer called, missed calls, etc. We use texting almost as much as phone calls, so we need to see similar data about our text messaging. 

The benefits of such a feature to me seem obvious, that we will be able to track our progress as a business and to see places where we need to improve. Its very important to see the data of how the support team is communicating as a whole to our customers.
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josh Brajtman

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  • hopeful this feature will be added

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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled SMS Message Access from Admin login.

Be able to see a log of the text messages in and out from the admin portal. 
Be able to see the actual text messages for monitoring purposes, to ensure that the SMS is only being used for business use. As this will display the company number on outgoing text messages, we'd like to filter the messages being sent out to protect the company name. 
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I would like the ability to track SMS messages to users as well. I currently do not see this as an option within RingCentral and would like to have the ability to check the logs like you can for phone calls. 
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We have salespeople that will make 200 outbound calls a day and then other salespeople that will create their own inbound calls by sending out 400 text messages a day. We are able to track the people making outbounds but there is no way to monitor our user's activity is they are working via SMS which is an extremely effective communication tool in our industry of sales. 
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Customer Service

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Seems like a lot of people are having the same issue I am , I need to be able to track and save the whole text conversation, it wont even allow you to right click print screen nothing this is a major issue please help!! Also the admin should be able to see all text messages that have been sent from all extensions 
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled SMS TEXT MESSAGE TRACKING AND REPORTING!.

How about adding some SMS tracking & reporting? Very CRUCIAL INFORMATION! We need to be able to track and view reporting on inbound and outbound text messages. This is crucial information in today's marketing. 
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It has been over a year and I have seen no updates on this feature. SMS communication is continuing to grow in scope and practice. I like RIngCentral but the delay on this particular feature is causing us to start looking for other options. 
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RC Team,
Seeing as this has been a topic for a while now, is it possible to create this? Even if at first it's just a data dump that we can manipulate in Excel, etc, it would be so helpful to be able to have written records of conversations. It's crucial to have a log of text exchanges between us and customers so that we can make sure everyone is being served with quality.