We'd love to see an easy way for our front desk to switch to after hours handling

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Account type: US
Description of business: multi-location hair salon
High level description of feature being requested: We'd like an easy way for the front desk employee to be able to change calls to route to our after hours voicemail. We do have after hours set up (ex: we close at 9 PM and our calls then go to the after hours greeting. However, we do sometimes close before 9 PM -- if everyone is done at 8:20, we know we cannot take in another guest, we close. But then anyone who calls in the next 40 minutes is stuck in the "thank you for calling ... we are with another guest at the moment, please hold until we are able to answer" type greeting. 
Typical user case scenario explaining how our business would use the feature: We have standard operating hours entered where in call queue handling is enabled. After hours, it goes to our after hours voicemail. I'd love to be able to have the desk click a button on the phone (or text a number or log into a very limited portal) where they have the option to switch phones to after hours handling. It's not DND as we don't want the desk to have to remember to take it back off DND in the morning.
Benefit of such feature: Would benefit any business who may close at varying times each evening.
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Posted 2 years ago

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USA-based acct | 2287 Users | 3800 DID lines | 28 sites | all Polycom VVX500 phone handsets 

2018-02-28  The way to do this already exists, where you access the Admin Portal,
Go to User Settings, 
Call Handling Rules >   Name and Setup a call handling rule that specifies when this number is called xxx-xxx-xxxx  go straight to voicemail   
Then under Date and Time choose which days and times this would usually apply.   

How to Use it:
Then   turn the rule ON   during times when you need to route directly to voicemail outside of your normal Open and Close hours, and
Turn the rule OFF when you want to revert to your usual Open and Closed hours. 

It would be great if RingCentral would add a CALENDAR FUNCTION to Advance Call Handling rules  so you could specify Dates and Times   instead of just days of the week and times. 


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Thanks very helpful info - agree need more options, but this was good info and thank you for posting.
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Thank you so much for your reply, Cecile! That would still mean we would need to give our front desk team access to our main portal. I am not sure I am comfortable doing that. We just want a really easy way for them to click a DND button (but where that DND button would reset/turn off at midnight)
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As Cecile indicated, there is currently a method for doing this - BUT the method is obviously not easy (many steps), prone to errors (rule not setup properly, and / or accidentally modified by users), and requires providing all users with not-always-desired privileges (all reception users have to have login privileges to the account).

Our company has many receptionists and we don't give any of them the main reception portal login info.  We want them answering calls and don't want them messing up the programming on the phones or user extensions.  We wanted a simple, easy, and accurate function, so we are building it ourselves.

There is currently a beta API connection to user and company hours in the RingCentral API service.  We are currently testing a connection that allows anyone to turn on/off after-hours rules by simply going to a special portal and entering a simple pin code (any number of digits you desire to setup). 

Going to the our special web portal URL address (unique for each user and / or company,  eg:  mydomain.com/phone-main  or mydomain.com/extention0 ) just displays the current status of the user / company business hours (ie. currently closed OR currently open).  Entering the pin will just toggle this - super simple and accurate - trying to make it like a phone-system night-service button!  

In the background the portal is simply just resetting the business hours close or open time based on the time the pin was entered.  So the business hours end up being open 24 hrs a day until the pin is entered to switch to "closed" mode, and then the business hours are closed 24 hrs until the pin is entered again in the morning to open.

We are also testing a more advanced option to allow for "closed for lunch" vs just "closed", which would redirect callers to a different voice-message which would typically indicate something like: "...we are currently closed for lunch please call back after 1:00, or press 2 to leave a message,..."

Let me know if you are interested, and I will update this post when the service is ready for public testing - should be within the next few weeks.
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Has this been opened up for testing yet? I'm interested in it for our company.
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Same here.  We would really like this option.
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I would ABSOLUTELY be interested! Thank you!!
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USA-based acct | 2287 Users | 3800 DID lines | 28 sites | all Polycom VVX500 phone handsets 

2018-02-28  We have thousands of users, we would also like to be included.

Please add us to the list. 
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We would also be very interested in this feature.  We recently joined the RingCentral family but were surprised that there was not any easy way for our front desk staff to turn on/off of the after hours calling mode.  


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Count us in as well - this would be a very useful feature, not just for lunch, but employee training sessions, an occasional all-hands meeting and others.
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A simple * code to enable night-ring would be awesome.
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This has always been the thing about RingCentral that drives me crazy. They have SO many advanced features and yet the simplest features any PBX can do - they can't. 

How is it SO hard to have a phone button trigger 'after hours'. Not every business routes calls on an exact schedule. First person in hits the button, calls ring. Last person leaves, hits night mode button - calls go to voice mail (or an answering service but OMG try to configure RC for that!!!! Impossible) 

I have a small business. 5 phones, two in the main office. All they want is the following:

Call main company number, both phones in office ring. Either person can pickup
Call unanswered - forward to answering service
When they leave - turn on night mode so calls immediately go to answering service

It shouldn't be this hard. As it is - we configured the company number to ring the manager's phone/extension with the receptionist's phone ringing off presence (so she has to tap 'Pickup' every time which she hates'.) Why? Because we have to sequential ring numbers to get the rollover to the answering service. Why? Because an answering service can't be a 'voicemail' target. Why? Because you can't have a simultaneous -> sequential call queue unless you're premium and use Overflow. And if you put the managers phone into DND, the phones STILL ring. Previously we had a call queue setup to ring each phone in sequence (since you can only do sequential OR simultaneous) so DND kinda worked - but they hated having one phone ring then the other ring THEN it go to answering service. But if they both went DND, the forward worked. 

My next hope is I can create a one person call queue - ring the receptionist phone like it is now (Pickup to answer) and putting the manager's phone in DND makes call queue hit the answering service immediately (setup as a virtual extension that rings an outside number). 

And the answer is to login to the portal to activate a custom rule every time to turn night mode on and off?????

There are SO many amazing features and services clients get when moving to RingCentral - but these VERY common simple scenarios are impossible to handle. 

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I have to add my name to this request.  It really needs to be easier to turn on an after hours or night mode for the entire company.  Thanks in advance for considering this.

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