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Would like real-time feedback from the Call Log. Would like to be able to set up an email from RingCentral that sends call log data as soon as a call is completed (inbound or outbound). That email would only have the details for one call (as opposed to daily delivery of all call data which we currently have). This data we could easily tie in to a billing or ticketing system. Thanks.
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Posted 5 years ago

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I like this idea a lot.  Not sure if this feature is already included in the Contact Center package or not, but this would be a great feature for those users who don't want to purchase the CCP but could benefit from Jeff's suggestion.  First thing that comes to mind, are abandoned calls.  Thanks Jeff. 
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Real Time Reports Wanted.

Real Time Reporting Needed
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this would be so helpful! Please add!
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RingCentral Contact Center provides this feature. Please contact your sales rep for details.
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Please show us how to get this info kim
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real time reports are very important!
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I see these ideas got merged, but seem separate to me.

For the call log idea from Jeff, you can use Zapier to send yourself an email after every call.  This is something and admin or individual user could do themselves.

For the real time reporting idea, I agree and only noticed now that the most recent call in admin reports is over 24 hours old.  I am guessing, but presume that report summaries and charts get tabulated every 24 hours and so it is not possible to see, for example at 6PM a report of performance for the current workday.

I think maybe these should be separated back out as separate ideas.
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They are a little different yes.  I wanted to merge them so they both get a  little more exposure. I'll re-title the page to better cover both ideas. 
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We are about to lose out on a significant sized opportunity for this reason alone.  They are coming from an inferior system but the reporting they get is about 30 min delayed and they want real-time.  Apparently the other systems they are looking at are giving them this.  Freedom Voice is who they are with right now and they won't come to Ring Central for this reason.  Contact Center is way too pricey though when they want that feature only.  


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Currently, the issue is that we don't even know when our data will be refreshed.  It still says "Data refreshed Date/Time: 10/03/2016 21:59:34" (Pacific time?)  We are currently 10/04/2016 10:50:00 Eastern time.  We don't know when the data will be refreshed but anecdotally it's complete for the previous day by 11am Eastern.  Real-time reporting will help with this issue.  

Someone mentioned Zapier but that seemed to only link to one account, even for the Completed Calls to Google Sheets option.  Is anyone using Zapier or any other API-based approach?
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Real time reports are important for a business and we would like to be able to see the total number of inbound calls for the present day.
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We desperately need a more drilled down breakdown of exactly which users within our Ring Central system are receiving calls within a given call group.  An example:   last 30 days activity for callers to extension 1 and statistics on any users answering/missing calls within that call group.  Otherwise there is no way to measure individual employee performance within call groups.
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Official Response
Great news everybody!  Our new Live Reports feature is finally here.  It will take us a few weeks to get this pushed out to all customers but you should all have it within a few weeks. 

For a preview of whats included you can visit the following page:  Live Reports Overview
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The overview says that this feature will be a paid add-on service for RingCentral Office. Is that just for the standard version or will Premium and Enterprise levels have to pay too? 
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It's a paid add-on for all, including Premium and Ultimate.
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Anyone else having issues with the user call activity report not updating for 24 hours?  

I can pull activity from 2+ days ago, but every time I try to pull real-time, or yesterday's stats, everything has a value of zero.  

 I ALWAYS want to check stats real time, and every morning, to talk to reps about how yesterday went.  Why is reporting lagging for 24+hours?