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Photo of Josh W.
SMS Default Messages
I am curious to know if RC has considered adding a feature to save default SMS messages in the RC app for future use.  I work for a small...
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Photo of John Bulcher
Call Log Tallies
1. Account type  (U.S., Canada, UK,  AT&T, Telus, BT) US 2. A brief description of the business Advertising, telemarketing 3. A high le...
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Photo of GW
Pay-per-fax service
I like RingCentral Fax for the US a lot and wish I could justify the expense, but I can't. Even half the monthly fee is more than I could...
  • GW, 2 years ago

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Photo of Chris Duquette
Ringout sounds on deskset
I use my softphone to callout to my deskset, when i do this it rings as if my phone is being called, my idea is that instead of a ring it...
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Photo of LC
Message Logs ability to filter for "Unread"
I use the desktop app to manage my messages. Many time I have messages left unread which I didn't get to and it would be very helpful if ...
  • LC, 2 years ago

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Photo of Saadet
If you want to learn more about RingCentral's SMS/MMS feature check out the FAQ!
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