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Photo of Joe D'AuraJD
EFax Service
I just wanted to give kudos to your efax service. It works great, set up was easy and is more efficient and costs less than a dedicated ...
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Photo of Justg4
Thank you for you always quickly addressing and resolving any issues with our RingCentral service. Like any other big company, RingCentra...
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Photo of Amber
Mr. Richard Paraguya
Richard Paraguya was extremely helpful with all of my questions. If it weren't for him, I wouldn't have my RingCentral Account. Thank you...
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Photo of TalOr Zafrir
Positive feedback
Dear Sir/Madam, I just wanted to thank again Mr. Richard Erric Dupaya for his fabulous service,Mr. Richard Erric Dupaya was more than k...
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