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Photo of Daniel Cox
Report: add Fax Activity filter
We are a US company that cleans timeshare resorts. Please include a report on incoming faxes under the report tab. We opened a RingCentra...
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Photo of E. Pena
Enable 311 Calls
Allow users to make 311 calls.  In most cities and municipalities this is the only way to get in touch with the different agencies that a...
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Photo of Paul King
Live Chat
We want the ability to have a "Live Chat" option on our Website to enable a visitor on our website to chat with us and then if needed to ...
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Photo of Plese
External Speed Dials
We recently ordered an SPA514 with 2 sidecars. The idea was to set up the sidecar buttons with 10 digit speed dials. Unfortunately RC fir...
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Photo of John Muglia
Call recordings: store for 7 years
Call recording duration:  I require to retain my calls for at least 7 years which means each week I spend several hours downloading the c...
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