2 accounts set up on app, how to identify which account an incoming call is for?

The ring central app has recently been updated and allows for mutliple accounts to be logged in at the same time.

I have 2 accounts logged in on the app currently. When I receive incoming calls, it shows me the callers phone number, but does not distinguish between which account this is for. So i have no way of knowing which number has been dialed for this call. How do i resolve this?

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Interesting - looks like they haven’t programmed for this, but I would think that it would be another option in the Incoming Calls tabs would be something like the Caller ID but for the  ‘Incoming Line for Account’ - and allow you to select what gets displayed on the HUD.

One thing you could do in the meantime, use a different Ring Tone for each line:


At least until they add a little programming to their multi-user functions.


Hope that helps.

Hi Joe

thanks so much for the quick and informative response. In theory your ringtone idea is great, I already did that on the physical desk phones we used, and have implemented it for the soft phones too, BUT i have just discovered that the new feature they have released (SWITCH ACCOUNTS), does not actually allow you to use 2 accounts at the same time, so it’s completely useless.

That is, If you are signed in to Accounts A & B, but you have account A open as the current account on the phone, if someone calls account B, the app does not ring for account B.

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Oh boy..

Yeah, typical RC I’ve come to know - 70% there on release.