AudioCodes MP-124 on RingCentral

  • 26 January 2021
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We are less than a month from go live on RC and I'm still fighting trying to get AudioCodes MP-124 devices to work properly with RC. I get the analog ports to show as registered both on the Audiocodes as well as on the RC side. But every time I lift a handset, I get nothing but a fast busy as soon as it is lifted. The logs on the AudioCodes shows constant rebuilding of the outbound proxy connections, so I believe that is where the problem originates, but nothing I've tried seems to help with this issue.

Does anybody have experience getting these to function properly

5 replies

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Hi David, there is no guarantee that this will work with RingCentral since this is an unsupported phone. You can get help with Technical Support and they can try to manually provision it for you. All of our Support numbers can be found here. You can also create a web case here.

Were you able to resolve this issue? My group recently completed a large campus conversion to ACO(RC) using several different models of AudioCodes Gateways.

Yes, finally figured out the root causes of our issues. The MP-124s have an amphenol connector that looks properly keyed, but you can actually put a cable on upside down with no effort. Everything looked good, then I finally was able to determine through random chance that when the phone on port 23 was taken off hook, the light for port 3 was lighting up. I've proven the upside down cable on 3 different MP-124 units and 5 cables, some I built and some were store bought. Makes no difference. Can't do the same thing on a Cisco VG-224. So there is something not quite to spec on their port interfaces they put on that. The actual connection to RC was not the issue.

Kim, I can give you a few recommendations. First, make sure you are running the latest code level on the AC devices. I had no luck with a version that was just a rev or two behind.

I don't have access to one of the devices where I am at the moment, but I'll come back with some top point items (assuming they are similar on your device).

Does anyone have instructions on how to successfully register an AudioCodes device?