Call Handling and the New RingCentral App

  • 14 August 2020
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The new RingCentral unified app (mobile and desktop) doesn't appear to be able to participate in call handling settings. That is, if in the settings for extension 101 I have it set to also ring extension 201, I can only choose the desk phone for 201 and/or the "Softphone" if they are using the old RC Phone desktop app. Neither of these allows the call to connect to the RingCentral unified app on desktop or mobile. In my opinion, this goes completely counter to the idea of "Unified Communication."

Reaching another user (regardless of where they currently have access to their RingCentral service) is the whole intent of Call Handling and Forwarding, and should be designed to at least have the option to set it to reach that user anywhere they have access to the service. If that user doesn't want to be reached on their mobile, they can log out of the mobile device (or perhaps have a setting there similar to queue calls to disable forwarded calls).

I propose that the Call Handling and Forwarding feature, at all service levels, be designed to reach other fully-licensed users regardless of where or how they have access to RingCentral - desk phone, mobile app, desktop app, or legacy softphone. If possible, to support companies who might only want that forwarded call to go to a subset of potential destinations, give the ability to select that in the configuration.

2 replies

My intent was to create this as an Idea. Not sure how that didn't present itself as an option when creating it but if someone knows of a way to convert it, I would appreciate it!

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Hello Bob,

Thanks for posting your Feature Request. The new Community doesn't have allow an admin to convert it to an Idea. You may resubmit it into an Idea instead. See screenshot below on where you can see it.