Call starts when connecting to car Bluetooth

  • 6 June 2019
  • 9 replies

Everyone in my organization is complaining of this issue. With the ring central mobile app on our cell phones, whenever our phones connect to our cars Bluetooth, a call starts on our bluetooth to no one. It shows our own name and number, but that's it. I've been unable to find anything here for other people having this issue. Is this a known issue and is there a fix for it?

9 replies

I had thought it was an Android update issue. I didn't consider RingCentral, but that's equally likely. Will be following your question to see if anyone has a fix.
Hey Matt, which app are you having this issue with? The RingCentral (Glip) app or the RingCentral Phone app?
The Ring central Phone Android app.
I too am having the same issue with the RingCentral phone app on  my LG V30+ running 8.0. Starting about a week ago, every time I go into my car, and pair phone to it (2013 Honda Accord) to listen to music, or whatever, the first thing the phone tries to do it make a call. I use the RC phone app to take client calls when on the road, and also texting my techs for service calls, so I need this every day. Sure, I just need to hang up the phone each time, but this needs to be addressed asap.
At least 6 or 8 other people at my place of business have the same issue with the same app. Different phones, different cars, only commonality is the Ring Central Phone app.
Pixel 3. Running Android 10. RingCentral app. Issue started about 2 weeks ago. Same symptoms.

received RC update yesterday that seems to have fixed the problem.
I received an update overnight as well. The issue did not occur this morning or this afternoon so far.
Thanks for the updates, Matt and Chris. Please keep us posted how things go!