Can "Call Forward - Busy, don't answer" feature be added to the system?

  • 17 November 2023
  • 1 reply

It is extremely annoying when I am on a call with a client and another caller dials my direct number, it rings into me on top of my current call. If I am on a call and someone else calls me I want the call to go to my voicemail.

1 reply

it is already on the system. Relatively new feature. Look into "Call waiting", You want to disable call waiting, so that if somebody calls you while on a call, they get forwarded to voicemail or something like that.
It's in the admin portal > Users > click on a User > Phone > search here for call waiting.
It's also possible to configure it through the settings on the app.
In the desktop/web app, go to Settings > Phone > Call waiting