Completely Blocking Unwanted Calls AND Voicemails

  • 13 December 2020
  • 2 replies


I've got two robocaller monkeys on my back, been spamming me every 2-20 minutes for the past day now. I've manually blocked their numbers, but they're still able to leave voicemails. Is there ANY way (ideally from the iOS app) that these callers can be completely blocked from both calls and leaving voicemails? Thank you!

2 replies

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There are a couple articles that might have a few steps that you haven't tried and links to other helpful articles, @Colton Schaben.

And it's always good to connect with the National Do Not Call Registry:

FYI there is a feature request in the idea portal to provide an option to avoid unwanted calls and Robo calls. Some additional features are requested here:

You can check this idea, vote and comment your thoughts there for future implementation by RC team