Duplicated DTMF or Key entries on calls routed through/from RingCentral Contact Center IVR [InContact]

  • 19 May 2020
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Prior to moving to RingCentral in March of this year, our legacy Avaya phone system routed customer calls to our payment service provider without issue. Since migrating to RingCentral in March and having the Contact Center IVR [Nice InContact IVR] route the payment related calls----we have received many customer complaints about their digits or key entries (account numbers) being duplicated. Testing, if we bypass the InContact IVR and have an RC extension forward the calls---no problems.

After many hours of conference calls and test calls, we seem to be getting no closer to a resolution. As others have noted with other issues, the troubleshooting and coordination relationship between RingCentral and Nice InContact seems to be dis-jointed.

Has anyone else experienced similar issues? Any resolution?

1 reply

I'd need a little more detail to really give a good answer.

But in Studio they should be able to trace calls and see the variables to check if DTMF tones are duplicating in the Contact Center platform. Personally, the only time I've seen that is due to scripting errors somewhere in the call flow or in the integration itself (depending on th etype of integration).