Experiencing Latency Issues - What Should I do?

  • 20 February 2018
  • 2 replies

I've been experiencing latency issues while using the RingCentral Phone for Windows/Mac and being connected to WiFi. How can I fix this?

Latency(also known as delay) refers to the time it takes a voice packet to reach its destination and is measured in milliseconds. Latency of 150ms or less (one-way) is generally acceptable. Latency greater than 150ms (again, one way) adversely affects the call quality experience.

Your network bandwidth and setup greatly affects whether or not you experience latency or reduced QoS (quality of service).

It's important to check your Network Settingsand speak with your ISP if you're having considerable latency issues - RingCentral is simply an end point and has no control over the traffic that is on a network.

2 replies

For 8 years, we experience extreme latency when making or receiving calls through the RC IOS app.  This delay/latency happens 100% of the time and it does not matter if it's over WiFi or cellular data.  Side note:  We have extremely fast WiFi and our cellular IS in SoCal is Verizon (best in the industry).   Can someone PLEASE help me correct this latency?
I've been a customer for almost as long and I find myself looking up ways to lower the latency/delay as well. Talking over customers is getting frustrating and and a hinderance in having a good conversation.

This is with the iOS app as well if there's something going on with that specifically.