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  • 10 January 2020
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I just noticed that Glip calendar can be edit by guest and admin don't have control to restrict that? is this a bug or something? i have a guest that changed the meeting time for everyone which create confusing among other members and messed things up. we can't depend on glip calendar if there's no admin control to that, please advise if there's something i can do to prevent that.

4 replies

Default Glip

Are you using the default glip calendar or the outlook / google integrated calendar? 
I would also like to see a "view only" role for team calendars in the app. It would be helpful for other teams to see what is going on beyond their own team calendar but not so helpful to have them viewing the discussion in the chat room or editing meetings and events that they are not involved in. 

I have also learned that the new app has the calendared events listed in the sidebar and won't have a calendar view until sometime in the 3rd quarter of this year. I am thrilled to hear it is coming and hope it will continue to have the feature allowing you to view all the calendars in one view as well as viewing them by team, as is currently available in RC Classic.
Hi Messi,

You could try connecting your personal calendar with O365 / Google to restrict access to it. The Glip team calendar will be deprioritized in this client.

Thank you!