Has anyone else's task checkboxes completely disappeared?

  • 15 May 2019
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Can't see 'em, or check 'em off...

7 replies

mine did today
Hey Timm and Mike, 

This isn't a widespread issue-- I checked with some colleagues and we still have our checkboxes. I would recommend starting a case so we can make sure those get back where they belong! 

Open support case online  
I checked with some different team members, and there are some people here who are missing them as well. I've reached out to the Glip team to get some more info. 
Great! Desktop app updated immediately; however, on Chrome I needed to clear out my cache as refreshing and restarting the browser didn't work. Thanks again.
I confirmed with the Glip team that this a bug and they're looking into it now :) 
Okay everyone, it should be fixed! If you wouldn't mind refreshing your app, the checkboxes should be back :) 
that worked! thank you!