How do I transfer my main number to an external number?

  • 24 April 2023
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I need to transfer the company main number to an external number

1 reply

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Hi Kandice, you can do this by going to the Admin Portal > Phone system > Auto-Receptionist > General Settings > Company Call Handling.

Under Business Hours, setup Incoming Callers will be routed to, then choose A specific user. It will prompt you to select a user extension where you want the calls to be routed. Select an extension and click Save. It's best to select an extension that no one is using personally, so it will not interrupt their personal call handling.

Next is to go to that user extension and change the settings. Go to Users > select the extension > go to call handling > enable Forward all calls > choose Contact or phone number. On the right, put the external number on the box, then click save.