How I do I change the email address my received faxes automatically gets forwarded to ?

  • 8 April 2022
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Thank you in advance for your help to resolve my issue.

I do have 2 licenses with Ring Central one for a regular phone and one for a fax number. My problem is that this was set up maybe 10 years ago and the web site has changed and I now need to change the email address where my received faxes on my ring central fax number get automatically forwarded to . I have gone through every settings I could find on the web site on the app, etc. and I just cannot find where that information is stored and where I could edit the email address.

2 replies

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Is the fax number assigned in an extension, or is it on the company phone?

It is set up as an extension. Doing the following , which was suggested to me was done 2 days ago but did not work . Fax notification with attached email still gets sent to previous email addreses I no longer see anywhere in the settings.

This is what I did:

On your Admin portal, please go to Users > Users with Extension > click the Ext. 9 - Fax Only > Notifications > Messaging Notifications > click Basic Settings and select Advance Settings > click Customize Notifications for Receive Faxes > under "Send Notifications to" then, on the email field, you can enter the new email address that you want to receive faxes then click done and save to apply changes.