I can receive calls but cannot call out

  • 5 October 2017
  • 9 replies

When I dial a number I get a window with 3 fields. Phone number I'm calling. My location which says custom number as the only option and then Custom number where my number is placed. Then I hit the call button and I get a status window with the following... Call status: cannot reach. Caller Status: Generic Error. Callee Status: Generic Error. Nothing happens and the window shifts back to the dial buttons.

9 replies

Hey Shonee,

Could you provide a screen shot?
I get this....
Then this

Can you make external calls by not using RingOut?
Hey there! Has this issue been resolved? I have a team member dealing with the same issue. 
this happens exactly the same for me as well.
no outbound calls from my PC. app says i am connected. I see my other peers online; can chat.

but any outbound call, internal or external won't work.

all call statues stay as 'in progress' for a while, then call status turns to finished, and the app goes back to dial pad.

my phone doesn't even recognize an incoming call.

when I use the mobile app, calls can be made alright. same account.
no issues there, seemingly.

when will this be resolved?!

Hello Everyone,

In order to help you all, we need to gather more information and troubleshoot. Please open a case or call our Support Team directly.

We have the same problem any fix yet?

Not sure if this is the same with anyone else, but prior to getting the "Callee Status: Generic Error", I got this:

Limit Reached

You have reached the limit of maximum allowed Softphone installations.  As a result, outbound calling is not available.  Enable it by deauthorizing one of your computers:

1. Log into your online account
2. Go to "Settings">>"Phones & Numbers"
3. Click on Phones tab
4. Select "Softphone"
5. Click on "Deauthorize this Computer"

Following those instructions worked for me. 

I hope this helps.