I have created a group of contacts, how can I send an SMS to the group?

  • 3 June 2017
  • 4 replies

I have successfully uploaded a list of contacts, I then created a group, but, I can not figure out how to send an SMS to the group.

If I search for the group name, all of the contacts in that group show up, but, I can not send to all of them without clicking each individual member.

Am I doing something wrong?

4 replies

It turns out that you cannot currently message to a group, individual contacts have to be added when sending SMS messages to multiple people. This is a great idea though and I'm sure others could use this on RingCentral as well!

If this feature is important to the way you want to use your RingCentral account, I highly recommend making an idea post on this community site. If other RingCentral users also like this idea, they can vote on it. This is where many new features for our services can start out. We do have a helpful Walkthrough for Submitting a New Idea in the RingCentral Community.

No, you are not doing anything wrong. Group messaging by clicking on a group is not yet a functionality of RIngCentral business SMS. To send out a group message, and have it received as a group, the recipients must be entered into our Company Contacts (which clients will normally not be listed in). When you enter more than one personal contact (e.g., clients) you will be notified that the message will be sent out as individual messages (not a group).

If you try to send a text message to a client (Personal Contacts) and also someone in your Company Contacts (an employee) you will get a message that all recipients must be in the Company Contacts to send a group message. It further informs you that the text will be send as individual messages.

is this text to group feature available now, i just noticed this message string is a year old?
Here's an example of what you will see if you enter individual clients (personal contacts) to SMS them all at once.

Here's an example of what I referred to in my previous message if you were to include an employee from Company contacts and a client from personal contacts.