Incoming Fax Setting with ATA and Fax Machine

  • 1 August 2023
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I'm considering installing a polycom ATA via RingCentral to allow some of my staff to still send outgoing faxes via our old fax machine. I'd like to still have all incoming faxes go to email and NOT to the old machine. Is this possible? Anyone have this type of setup or know of how to set this up when I install my ATA?

2 replies

It's possible. I will first write what you want, to make sure I got everything right, and then I will explain how to set it up.

- ATA for outgoing faxes. Should present the main fax number as caller ID.
- also sending outgoing faxes through the app or using email-to-fax. Should present the main fax number as caller ID in these cases as well.
- Incoming faxes are received to one or several email addresses.


  • ATA
    set up a new user for the ATA. Set the fax number as outbound caller id for calls and faxes. there should be a step-by-step on how to set up an ATA if you search the support page or google sth like "ATA ringcentral"

    - go to phone system>Phone numbers > All numbers and click on the fax number. Make sure it is assigned to the "Operator extension".
    - Check who the operator extension is in Phone system > Auto receptionist > General Settings > Company Call Handling > Scroll down and look for Company Fax/SMS Recipient
    - Go to Users and click on the ext. that is the Company Fax Recipient. Go to notifications>switch to advanced settings>customize notifications for Received fax. Uncheck "Use same email as voicemail" and add the email addresses which should receive an email whenever a fax is received.
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    In case you want something slightly different than what I described, it's probably possible. Just ask here and I'll try to help.

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