iphone app adding a 2nd caller

  • 3 October 2019
  • 5 replies

Wondering when Ring Central will include the ability to add a 2nd caller to an existing call with the iphone app? For me this is a very important feature.

5 replies

Hey Dave, when you're on a call you should see the +Add option listed on the app. That will allow you to add more people to the call :)
Hi Saadet,
Thanks for the suggestion! Unfortunately, I dont have the +Add function using the iphone app. It seems to be a feature on the Windows app (which I have occasionally used to make calls directly from my laptop) but dont seem to have that functionality with the iphone :-(. Support told me yesterday they are supposed to be working on that feature.
I started wondering if the problem was that  I didnt have the latest version of the app. I updated it and sure enough, I can use the add+ feature!
Thanks for your help!!
Yay! Glad it's there now :)
Hmmm...could you share a screen shot of what you see?