Is anyone having issues with T-Mobile SMS?

  • 9 August 2023
  • 3 replies

We're registered and approved with the new 10DLC regulations, but ever since this was implemented we've been having issues with T-Mobile customers. We can't receive their inbound SMS and our outbound SMS messages are intermittent and far from reliable. Has anyone else experienced issues with T-Mobile since 10DLC became the new norm?

3 replies

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John, I believe this issue has been resolved but would like to share it with any other folks that have experienced an issue - this was related to a brief service impairment, but the issue has been resolved.
If you're still experiencing an issue, please connect with Tech Support directly to create a case.

John, yes we have many Users having this issue. All tied to Tmobile. RC Support is saying its a Tmobile issue.

I have been having issues as well and thought it was RingCentral, but it may be a TMobile compatibility issue since the group texts I send out seem to be okay for a Verizon user, but all those who are on TMobile are getting the texts as individual texts, so they have no idea who is in the original group I sent it to. They also cannot tell who responded. I always have to preface the text with - "Hi everyone..." so that they know it's going to a group.
I have been on the phone with tech once before that took nearly an hour for them to tell me it's a TMobile issue and its unusable for me so I tried to get out of my contract, but I didn't know it auto renews all lines every two years, so I'm stuck for another 18 months.
I am now on the phone with them for over 2 hours as we work through the call quality issues and now texting issues.