Issue receiving inbound calls from Verizon callers

  • 30 March 2018
  • 5 replies

We have had an issue going on for over a year where some users can't receive calls from Verizon users to our direct numbers. It seems no one can find a resolution to this. Has anyone else experienced this and have a resolution?

It is getting to the point where we will need to find a different provider if this doesn't get resolved ASAP.

5 replies

Perhaps this is an isolated issue with your region or account.  We have 2 different RC accounts and have not experienced this issue.  In-fact, we use Verizon as our cellular provider and have had no issues ourselves accessing our systems.  I know this won't fix your problem, but it may prod them to look closer at your settings.
Thank you. I can say that we have only 3-4 of our 25+ users that this affects. Not sure what the issue is but very annoying.
Yes I have had this happen with RC and many other providers.  It is a fairly rare, but a super frustrating issue related to various carriers updating their records/routing properly.  The best way I have ever found to resolve it is by collecting detailed info about specific phone numbers that cannot call and opening support cases with that provider (Verizon in your case).

It sucks, but it happens sometimes and RingCentral can't do much (if anything) about it themselves, it is technically the fault of the calling parties provider not routing correctly.

What is happening behind the scenes is like this:

- customer's phonenumebr used to be at&t (for example) and all other providers knew how to route calls to that number on at&t.

- customer ported into RC (or any provider) and now some carriers (Verizon in this case) don't get their system updated to know the phone number goes to RingCentral instead of at&t.

Jeff, we had a similar issue when we ported our company's phone numbers from AT&T to RingCentral.  We received most calls without an issue.  Except for calls from AT&T phone lines.  It was as though AT&T never updated their call routing after we ported our numbers.  We tested from all vendors and AT&T customers were the only ones that could not call us.  Took about a year for it to get resolved by AT&T. 
We just had the issue with Verizon and it took them less than an hour to fix it.  We were very happy!