localization for outgoing announcement for calls to be recorded

  • 23 April 2019
  • 1 reply

ability to have users/extensions to select language for the outgoing announcement that the call is being recorded. as of right now, announcement is only in english for all extensions. no option for selecting a different language if the user is in a different country and is not using english as their primary language; therefore, caller has no idea that the call is being recorded, or doesn't have an option to opt out because the announcement is in english.

1 reply

You can do this with the multi-level IVR. You would have to record and include any of your own prompts/announcements in whichever languages you desire to use...but it can be done with the features currently available in RIngCentral.

In the multi-level IVR you would state, in the given language, to press a selection (0-9), if you include a second language, press another key, etc.. Then after they press that key, everything else should be in that language.