looking for information and resources on using and managing Faxing using Ring Central.

My company uses Ring Central for faxing only.  Is there a resource somewhere that explains all the ins and outs of faxing using Ring Central?  Some things I am looking for is account creation and managing.  Changing who can send and receive faxes.  Assigning fax numbers to departments instead of specific extensions or people.


The specific problems I am having is when our fax numbers were initially created they were created under a specific ext./user name and that was the person who received all faxes for that fax line.  Over time, these people have moved departments or left the company.  I want to keep all the fax numbers we have already purchased and just assign new people to them.

  • I need to know if I can assign specific fax numbers to a specific department and just go in and change the email to a new recipient
  • Does this recipient have to have an account built, as I would do if I were setting up a new user?
  • If I have to set up a new user, can I just build the account and not assign a number to them and how would I do that?

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Hey, @kls762us I’ll share a few things from our Knowledge Base below, but if you don’t find that your questions are addressed, please circle back and we can dig in a bit further!

Getting Started - Fax

Enabling Fax Features

Viewing and Managing Faxes

We use RC for incoming faxes. Outgoing is done on multifunction printers with an app called AccuRoute. 

For incoming, we utilize Message-only accounts and assign the DID to that account.

Configure the account for Fax-only. 

Set notifications to forward faxes to an email address that is set up in Outlook as a shared inbox...users can be added to that inbox as needed, by our sysadmins. You can do this other ways, also. 

Works great, except we are having a lot of trouble with the RC robocall blocking being too aggressive and blocking several legit healthcare providers. 😒 


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We use the RC faxing as normal(ish) fax send/receive with a giant asterisk.  Like John, we use the fax account with a distribution email account.

Since we have multiple phone numbers over the years that all point to the same Intake department, from the Phone side, they all point to the same RC extension, and email on that account.  This cuts down on the number of actual RingEX accounts you have to have. (we have 23 fax lines - slowly cutting them down!)

On the email side, and John you may want to look into this - we use CodeTwo for mail ‘inspection’ - when the fax arrives to our Exchange, if it’s for X department (we have multiple rules) it strips OFF the attachement, and then only sends a small 7-10k email to that distribution group saying ‘you’ve got a fax’.

That attachment is then saved to a network drive that is picked up by our EHR software - so no one has to manually move files.  This saved a TON of wasted email space -as not sending 15Meg attachments to 20+ people X times a day - adds up quick in your Exchange server.

For outgoing faxes, we’ve attempted to transition staff into using the RC app, but there are still physical fax machines, with an OBIHAI ATA hooked to it.  Took a bit to get them working, but they’ve been stable for years now. (mostly on the RC config side)

Hope this helps - let me know if you want any details on this.

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@kls762us We would love it if @Joe Cache or @john-oliphant provided an answer for you that you mark it so that other Community members can find it. 

And thanks, Joe and John for pitching in!

Thanks a ton guys, while this isn’t exactly how our system is set up it has given me ideas to make ours better.  i may need to contact support to see how to separate the numbers i have purchased from the original people they were set up with.  Then if I’m understanding i would create a Message-only account for my users and create an email our email system and route these numbers to that email group.  I'm very new to ring central so I’m still trying to figure it out.  Thanks for the help guys.

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@kls762us So excited that you’re here!
Please don’t hesitate to circle back if we can help with this or anything else. 
And if you need help escalating a concern, we gotchu!