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  • 26 May 2017
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MMS does not seem to work for Canadian phone numbers. Is there any way around this?

7 replies

For now the feature is only working on US accounts, but our Product Team is aware of this and working on it.  The full rollout isn't expected to be done for a few more weeks.

Your comment about a few more weeks for Canadian numbers was 4 weeks ago.
Can we get an update posted?
Latest update was 3 weeks ago. When I opened the RingCentral mobile app there was a message saying mms was now available so I tried and it did not work. I've now been chatting with support for 20 minutes and they finally told me it still isn't available in Canada. When will this be available? And why would I get a notification saying I can send an mms when I can't?
Just sent a test pic to and from a Telus cell phone and a Bell cell phone. Don't know anybody with a Rogers cell phone.

Telus can send and receive pics.

Bell can NOT send and receive pics.
Rogers doesn't work either and I'm told by a tech today that MMS is not currently supported within Canada for RingCentral.  Last update was 3 months ago, but I'm told this today.

Any update on this?
This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Seeing pics sent by customers in Canada. Hi. My main listed number for my home service company has been ported over to Ring Central. Sometimes I need to see pics (or rugs or furniture needing cleaning) that my potential clients want me to see so i can quote on them... I can get text messages from my clients, but not pics. to see pics I have to tell them my personal cell phone number, defeating the purpose of having a centralized phone number so more people than just me can interact with that client.  

When will this important service be available in my area if ever?

Thanks in advance, Nathan