new site creation for porting DID that are in France

  • 18 October 2022
  • 1 reply


We are locating in France and have two sites (one in Paris suburb (postal code 92) and one in Lille suburb (poastal code 59) already created.

Each site are set in RingCentral.

We need to add another subsidiarie located in Nice (postal code 06). Is it possible to port the Nice DID numbers to the Paris site without creating a site for Nice?

Thks in advance

1 reply

Yeah it's possible. You can submit a porting request from the admin portal > Phone System > Phone numbers > Transferred > top right Corner > Transfer numbers

If you've done this already you know how it goes - you need a copy of your invoice from the other provider, a letter of agreement and usually a proof of address is also required for France.
Or contact support to assist you if needed.