No option to disable iPhone mobile integration

  • 4 October 2020
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I have the latest RingCentral app version installed on my iPhone ( There is no longer an option to disable mobile integration. When I get an incoming call on my business line, I want it to ring on my RingCentral app; I do not want the RingCentral calls to appear on my mobile phone's call logs. There is also no longer an option to disable data VoIP calling.

I have AT&T Call Protect installed on my iPhone and have set it up where all unknow callers that are not in my contact list to go directly to voice mail. So now, when I get incoming calls through my RingCentral business line, they're also going to my voice mail without giving me the opportunity to answer the calls on my cell. How can I make this work?


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1 reply

Hello @didier! Apologies, we don't have this feature for the new unified app as of the moment. Our Product Manager is aware of this feature. We will update this thread once it is available. Thank you!