RC Desktop Contacts does not display or search Company Name

  • 21 February 2023
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Hi there.

Windows 10

RC Desktop version Windows (x64)

I sync my iPhone contacts to Microsoft 365 and have connected RC Contacts to Microsoft 365 as a viable way to sync my mobile phone contacts list with RC.

I have many contact entries which comprise a business name entered in the Company field, with no Firstname or Lastname entered as it's an entry for a company or business, not a person.

RC does not dislay the Company name in Contacts. All I get is numerous entries with a phone number only:

rc1.jpgThe business name field exists and is displayed when I click "View profile":


RC Contact will also not search on a Company name so I cannot search for the contact I am trying to find (knowing that the contact exists).

Why does RC not display or search the Company field that exists in the contact record?

How can this fault be rectified such that my contacts list will display a Company name and number and I can search for a contact by Company?



3 replies

Thanks Mary.

Link to Idea here:

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Thanks for posting it here, Craig!

Finally decided to take more time to look into this as well as its always bugged me, just thought I was doing something wrong. Can't search by Company name, how in the world can a business phone system not look up contacts by business name.