Ring Central Desktop App freezes when trying to download a recording

  • 9 December 2019
  • 2 replies

The Ring Central Desktop App (BIG R) is freezing when trying to DL a recording. I found Avast Antivirus was identifying Update.exe and Ringcentral.exe as IDP.Generic, so i have submitted to them the files, as well as created an exception at the folder and executable level. However, i am still having issues with Downloading the recordings on one machine as of right now. Has anybody seen this?

2 replies

We just got RingCentral and our admin got an alert (also Avast) that update.exe was a threat, and cited IDP.Generic. Not sure why that would be, but would appreciate some insight if anyone is familiar with this issue.. TIA
Hi Michael, 

Can you confirm if you're able to download other files successfully? Just want to make sure there isn't a personal configuration that prevented the files from downloading correctly.